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    One of the most complete characters devloped on Alias. I thought that his onscreen connection with Jennifer Gardner (Sydney) was one of the best connections in male-female television history and I think that went a long way into making this show last 105 episodes. Without that connection I think the show would have suffered very bad and I cant see anyone else other then Varten-Garder for those two roles.

    I would have liked to see his character invovled a little more in the field, but that was never really his job unless he needed to be. I think he was a dominant factor in seasons 1-3, but then tailed off in seaosns 4 and 5 with mroe of a recurring apperance (even if he did star in 4 it felt like he was a little weaker in that season)

    Overall, I think one of the main reasons I liked Alias was because of Michaels performance. Amazing job.