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    I wonder if Michael finds 'Tony' annoying. Playing a likeable rogue must rub off on him personally. Does he get mistaken for a 'Tony' type do you think? I hope not for his new wife's sake. Love Lilly
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    To answer your question, I believe Michael enjoys the character as he brings some of his personality to it. I think he is such a doll. It's refreshing to see a "real" person.

    Here are some links:



    The 2nd link is where Michael Weatherly says: "It may be why my wife doesn't like my character that much. Because I will jump right into character. I mean, I don't have any problem just going DiNozzo on people."


    "Your character, Anthony DiNozzo, is very idiosyncratic. How much of that is the writers and how much of that is you? When we first started, [creator] Don Bellisario made sure that I brought myself to the character. We talked about 'Magnum, P.I.' and how Don really encouraged Tom Selleck to make use of his sense of humor, his playfulness, as opposed to a strict rendering of a hotshot private eye living in Hawaii. Bellisaro allowed me the same freedom and encouraged me the same way."

    Personally for me, I love Tony DiNozzo. He is my kind of perfect.

    In watching from season 1-7; he has matured, just not at the rate we want. I find him charming, sweet, good natured, and his sense of humor is the character's way of dealing with his job, and what I would want in a guy. He's also serious when he needs to be, meaning I'd feel safe with him if I were in danger. Take McGee and Gibbs...they have different outlets (McGee his writing; Gibbs his boats), Tony doesn't.

    When it comes down to it, Tony gets the job done, Gibbs likes him and keeps him around I think that's all that matters at the end of the day. We have one Gibbs, don't need another. Hope this helped

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    I think Michael likes Tony. Tony has flaws, just like any other person, but he's so adorable, no one cares. And when he switches to his serious side, I imagine he's a lot like Michael at times...remarkable.
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