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  • Chubby cheeks?

    I was a bit disappointed watching season 11 Episode 18 He is gaining a lot of weight
  • He So ugly and not talented

    He's so ugly and all his roles are boring! And he's not talented at all and all you bitches that like him are dumb ass trolls And he's old! Nobody cares about his birthday. And he gets more ugly each year. His show is boring and Tony is boring. Plus micheal seems like a jerk.
  • happy birthay

    happy birthay michael :)) have a nice day
  • keep show like it is

    please keep him on ncis. it is a top show why change it. it would be a big mistake.
  • Fantastic German Shepherds

    I sent an email recently but don't know where it went, so I am trying again. I saw pictures of your beautiful German Shepherds on one of these sites. Are your Shepherds the ones on some of the episodes? I used to train and show Shepherds years ago and would like to start again. By any chance do you breed yours ? Or, by any chance do you know of any good German Shepherd breeders who have quality Shepherds? Oh, by the way, the Lord got it right with you!!
  • need a new wife??

    yea Im married too, again! not sure if I would do it again...... always sounds like a good idea! you do a great job, keep it up, you look great and somehow younger than me even though born in same year!! Best Wishes! . xo
  • Not bad.

    Great guy.
  • Captivating!

    HIs attitude on NCIS is great! Just the right role for the right guy, I'd say. He is good at what he does, he seems like he enjoys it, and has a funny witty presence that is appealing to me as a viewer... he is smart and talented!
  • He does obnoxious very well.

    It says a lot about him as an actor that he can play such an obnoxious guy so well and still be so charming. I have no idea what he's like in real life, but he pulls off this character with great talent. Not just the comments, but the looks, the laugh. After he took over the team temporarily when Gibbs "retired" and then met "the doctor," his character took on a new depth. Since I'm watching the show in reruns, I don't yet know what his character is like currently, but I'm looking forward to finding out.
  • Hate his character. Too many men only find women as sex objects. He truly annoys me on NCIS. I wish he wasn't on the show because I absolutely love everybody else. His character is disgusting to me!!!

    Every episode finds him in the same state of mind.....sex. He cheapens the show with his constant drooling over every woman he sees except the not-so-goodlooking ones. He rates women only by their looks. He is jealous of bright and intelligent women. I realize he is acting, but in real life many males have a negative opinion of women. I love NCIS, but I am turned off to his character.
    However, Tim, Ducky and Gibbs rock my world!!! I watch episodes over and over, mostly because they are written so well and Gibbs is fabulous!!!!
    Also, the women are exceptional....strong, brilliant, imaginative, inventive and a benefit to womanhood.
  • When will Tony be replaced by someone who is capable and intelligent? The other characters are believable and likable but Tony is totally annoying. I don't understand why Gibbs keeps him around. He should hire someone who is familiar with the Navy. Its a


    I would like to see Tony replaced by someone capable. Does anyone know his history with the Baltimore police force? I don't understand what kind of character the writers were thinking of when they wrote the part or hired Michael to fill it. He should move on to some comedy show.

  • This man is an actor of the highest quality...He goes from being funny, and the crazy stuff his character does with great believable and intelligent delivery, to the serious side of his character the writers occasionally allow him to do.. Brilliant.


    Brilliant actor, with such a wide range of acting skills from funny, flippant, smart, to very heart rendering scenes when the writers allow his character to be emotionally involved. He is the reason I watch the show... His interactions with the others , namely Mc whatever he calls him at the moment, is funny and I like this show because of him and the others which are all different and brilliant. I also love GSDs which he has, so I love that he is an animal lover. Go Tony, and get the bad guys and don't change a thing...You got it perfect!

  • Funny with depth.

    Tony/Weatherly is a great character who, I will say, at times I cannot stand, but that has some real depth to him. Sure, he is immature, but doesn't he display that side of us that never grows up, that is always a child? And in truth, he is actually very smart, no matter how dumb he appears to be. He would never reveal this in front of his colleagues but he really is quite intellectual. In the show, he provides some wonderfully funny moments and a tension with Ziva in the subtext that has created more interest on the show, created a more human side to it. He lightens up the heavily enamored context of murder, making NCIS the comedy it is. The show would not be the same without him.
  • jjustme Will Tony's character ever grow up!

    Tony is the comic relief for NCIS - a good show. He is not to be taken serious as a developing growing character. He is a narcissistic child. The humor also is often flat. Mark Harmon the tops. Abby ROCKS. Ducky a font of information. McGee cool. Palmer-his character is growing. Leon just there.
    Ziva interesting. When will Tony's character develop? You get little snippits where he shows promise and then it just fades and he returns to the child, with all the child like attitudes, etc.
    As far as looks go ... I think Mark Harmon is much better looking and a better actor than Michael Weatherly.
  • Has anyone noticed that Michael resembles a young George Peppard?

    Has anyone noticed that Michael resembles a young George Peppard? I like Tony's character when he is more serious. I think Michael could be a very good dramatic actor. His relationship with Jean was a good story line and it is too bad that this love interest is no more. The sparks between Tony and Siva leaves you guessing. I think Tony's character should tone it down a little. I hope in the future that Tony gets a chance to be more professional in his job as a N.I.C.S. Agent and stop with all the annoying parts. Good Luck in the Future.
  • Handsome and talented, very dangerous

    I had never heard of Michael until I came across NCIS proper a few months ago. When I first started watching the series the character Tony Dinozzo was the one that stood out to me. The comradery between him and Gibbs is great to watch and I don't think that it would have been as good with someone else playing the part. The chemistry between Michael and Mark is wonderful. The impish, immature nature of the character is brought out brilliantly by Michael and the expressions he gives suit the moments perfectly. Swak was my favourite episode to date because he portrayed Tony so well with the bravado hiding the worry and frightening possibility of dying. I have now seen Bounce and that episode showed alot more of the different sides of Tony and Michael played this perfectly. Also He is 10 months older than me and it is great to find someone my own age so fanciable, instead of them always being either really young or really old. Michael and Mark are both maturing with style and are both VERY SEXY!!!
  • "Tony" definitely grows on you...

    ...and anyone who can make you come to love this jackass of a character, must be a very good actor indeed!
    The not-so-bad-boy fits very well into this team of quirky but effective crime fighters, and Michael Weatherly has succeeded in giving "Tony" more depth each season...which is a very good thing, because this character in the hands of a lesser performer could otherwise become very tiresome very quickly.
    I think there is probably a lot more scope to Michael than just this role, and I hope to see much more in the way of new performances from him, but for now at least, NOT at the expense of "The Gibbs Brigade" and possibly the best show on TV!
  • He is my favorite character on NCIS. Is acting skills are wonderful. He really draws you in to his character and is the type of acter that you can really identify with.

    He is my favorite character on NCIS. Is acting skills are wonderful. He really draws you in to his character and is the type of acter that you can really identify with. Reminds you of someone you know or use to know. He is a great asset to the show. It wouldn't be the same with without him. Not to mention he is easy on the eye's. ;-) In short he is a talented actor and I can't wait to see what happens in the next season. can't get enough of NCIS. Good good good. Love the show! And the good looking guys that go with it!!!!
  • DiNozzo is the most annoying character in NCIS if not on the whole of televison!! HE looks good and MW acts well - but the moment he opens his mouth!

    MW might be a good actor in other shows but in NCIS I find his character totally annoying. DiNozzo might have been amusing for the first few episodes (of the first season) but now he grates every time he opens his mouth. He is a shallow bully and a chauvinist who never fails to jump to wrong conclusion about a case and/or suspect/witness. ('You think DiNozzo' is one of Gibbs' most common lines). Indded, the most unbleievable thing about the series (which I do realise is fictional) is that he is considered capable to running his own NCIS team. God save Western Democracy. As for the rest of the cast - SIMPLY GREAT. (Abby rules!!)
  • Both Tony and Michael grow on you! Michael protrays his character with great honesty.

    NCIS wouldn't be the same without Tony. Tony brings a lightness to the team especially in the more serious episodes. He and Ziva balance each other out very nicely. I look forward to seeing something serious happening between Tony and Ziva! He doesn't hurt that he's very good looking!

    In episode 1 of the new season the way Tony,Gibbs,McGee risk their lives to save Ziva shows their loyalty to each other. At the end of the episode when Abby hugs Ziva and Tony stares at Ziva from his desk; to me is the perfect ending to the episode and a perfect beginning to the new season! Hats off to the Cast and Crew of NCIS!
  • While watching all the seasons of NCIS, I'm very upset that Michael has not been nominated for an Emmy Awards for best drama. Michael is so versatile in His role as Anthony. He is very good at what He does. The Emmy's should stop overlooking His talent.

    I like NCIS because of the Stars who are on the show. If Michael Weatherly was not on the show I would not watch it. I like Pauly,too. I'm glad that Michael get to show His talent a lot more and I would like for Him to wear more shirts that do not have stripes. I love the clothes He wears. I like the way He is so versatile in the way He wears His hair. He wears the school boy look and then He has the mature look,too. I think that Michael and Mark Harmon are a great pair on the show. I think that it is great to have David McCallum there,also. Keep up the good work Guys and Gals. Pauly I love your car. Sorry about your Corvette and Mustang Michael. I like the Dodge Charger. Blue is my favorite color. Today is July 8, 2010. Happy 42nd birthday Michael. You get better with age,so keep up the good work. Glad you're stay with NCIS.
  • He grows on you and irritates you more than once on each show.

    Micheal is the typical playboy, as we have seen in countless shows before NCIS, but he makes it work in this show and keeps it fresh. Mind you more than once I wished Gibbs would slap him a few more times than he does. He can be so darned irritating. But then that is what makes his character fit in with everyone else on the show. He gets away with a lot on the show but it helps us who watch understand that life doesn't have to be all seriousness with no laughs. Because even the really serious episodes he seems to put a bit of comedy into it.
  • perrrrfection.

    How can you look at NCIS's Michael Weatherly and not comment on how good looking he is. Would it be sad to say the original reason I began watching NCIS was his face caught my eye while I was flipping channels? I'll admit I'm not familiar with his other work but I personally think the character Tony DiNozzo is a perfect fit for him. In the beginning of the show DiNozzo comes off as just another tail-chasing fraternity brother but as the show progressed Weatherly got to flex his acting muscles. Some of his greatest stuff, in my opinion, was season four when he became attached to an international arms dealer's daughter Jeanne Benoit as part of as undercover operation. It was heartbreaking to come to the realization he was actually in love with her and eventually had to tell her he wasn't who she thought he was. Also while Gibbs was on his mexican hiatus Weatherly's character also got to take control of the team with his own style, for example: campfires! Well into it's 7th season NCIS is getting better and better, just like this great actor Michael Weatherly.
  • Michael Weatherly= such a cutie

    Who doesn't love a funny, cute guy???? Because funny and cute are only two of the many (good) words that describe Michael Weatherly. Especially as Tony (NCIS is totally the best show in the world, and Michael makes it so much better), MW has awesome chemistry with his costars...Tiva, anyone??? Michael and Cote (Ziva) are adorable together!!!! i gave Michael Weatherly a 10 out of 10 because of all these reasons listed above. i seriously hope that NCIS continues to go on for many many many more seasons...and hopefully we'll see some Tiva action soon enough. so thats why i love Michael Weatherly.
  • Love Micheal

    Micheal Weatherly is such an amazing good actor!
    One of the main reasons why I got into NCIS is because of Micheal.
    I absolutly love how he plays the charming, cute & a litlle arrogant Anthony Dinozzo!
    He plays a very convincing part as Anthony Dinozzo!There's nobody who can do it better.

    I absolutly love his storyline I love his witty comments on people and his humor. & the tension between him and Ziva.
    I wish they just get together.
    And i love how he's always messing with McGee, It soo cute So as long as he's on the show I'll never stop watching! xD
  • He is a great actor and... what else can I say? He's a great actor!

    Michael Weatherly was great in Dark Angel and superb in NCIS. He really plays the part of Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS well (not to mention he's pretty darn sexy.) He did well as Logan in Dark angel as well. Whenever he says anything to the character Ziva, I get ready to laugh my head off... hopefully it doesn't come to that though. I would prefer to keep my head, but anyway, he's funny and can be serious when he needs to be. No one could play that role better than Michael. In Dark Angel he was mostly serious, but he had his moments too.
  • Very good actor

    Michael Weatherly is a great comedian and gives the show the right tone of mood it requires. Dont know much about his career before NCIS but he certainly drew my attention when I became a big fan of NCIS. NCIS is a totally different show from any other I have ever seen and it amazes and amuses me every new episode. Got hooked to it, it is like an addiction!!!! As a matter of fact I understand the cast has been so well integrated and they ooze pleasure on the screen. As if they were just having a great time together.
  • SO SEXY!!! Wow he is a great on NCIS and his other work that he has done Dark Angel. AMAZING! I love his facial expressions so funny!

    WOW! He is doing a great job. I love watching him play Tony on NCIS. He makes me laugh. I love his facial expressions so funny. You can't beat a actor like that.If you watch the show you are hooked from the first time you watch the show. Your family must be proud that you have made something of yourself. You make people laugh and you can play serious roles too. Amazing!! There is no other word. You are very expessive on the show. Do you like playing Tony? I think this is a great show and I hope yall keep up the great work. I truely love the show and you seem too have a great cast. Thank you for all your hard work

    Michael Weatherly is one of the best actors out there. His looks plus his ability to act makes him charming. I am confident that Michael Weatherly's talent will get recognized and noticed. There is no word to describe him. Sexy, talented, smart, fantastic, amazing... none of those word fit him because he is so much better than that! NCIS is my all time favorite show, and without him playing the audacios DiNozzo, NCIS wouldn't be the same. Michael looks absolutely amazing for his age. I would have guessed him as age 28. I can't believe he is in his 40'S! Michael Weatherly is the hottest man alive!!!
  • Just...EXCELLENT!

    Totally underrated actor. His facial expressions alone should be enough to qualify him for some kind of award. He consistently expresses himself exactly as his character should at any given time. He also comes across as extremely human, and, given his incredible good looks, that's saying a lot. He COULD be a pompous a$$ and get away with it because, face it, he IS gorgeous! (And, I don't qualify very many with that attribute. Of course, Mark Harmon is right up there with Mr. Weatherly...much like a fine wine...he gets better with age.) Overall, I've been impressed with this actor's performances and his character development over the span of the series. Keep up the GREAT work! May NCIS enjoy many more years of entertaining me. ;)
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