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Michael Wilbon

Michael Wilbon


11/19/1958, Chicago, Illinois

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Mike Wilbon
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Michael Wilbon, a pioneer of sports columnists who have successfully crossed mediums into the field of television, is an original co-host for ESPN's Pardon the Interruption which debuted on September 22, 2001. The fast paced sports talk show features in-depth debate on various topics between Wilbon and co-host…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Michael finished second in a national contest of sports columnists by Associated Press Sports Editors in 1994, and he placed third in 1995.

    • Michael is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

    • Michael has won awards for stories and/or columns on the late college basketball player Len Bias and legendary football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, among others.

    • On "Pardon the Interruption," Michael lovingly refers to his fans and viewers as "Knuckleheads."

    • Michael's nicknames include "Mike" and "Willybuns."

    • Being from Chicago, Michael is a life-long fan of the Chicago Bulls (NBA), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), the Chicago Cubs (MLB), and the Chicago Bears (NFL).

    • Michael has one brother named Donald who is a Chicago-based investment banker.

    • Michael graduated from St. Ignatius College Prep in 1976.

    • During the NFL season, Michael appears on WRC-TV's "Redskins Report." He appears on the show along with WRC Sports Director George Michael, and NFL Hall of Famers Sonny Jurgensen and John Riggins.

    • During the NFL season, Michael appears on WRC-TV's "Redskins Report." He appears on the show along with WRC Sports Director George Michael, and NFL Hall of Famers Sonny Jurgensen and John Riggins.

    • As of 2007, Michael co-hosts "NBA Shootaround" (the NBA on ABC's pre-game show) with Dan Patrick and former NBA player Mark Jackson.

    • Michael has covered every Super Bowl since 1987, 10 different Summer and Winter Olympic Games for The Washington Post, each year's NBA Finals since 1987 and nearly every NCAA Final Four since 1982.

    • Michael became a full-time columnist for The Washington Post in 1990.

    • After summer internships for The Washington Post in 1979 and 1980, Michael began writing full-time for the paper in 1980.

    • As of 2007, Michael's cousin, Travon Bellamy, plays football for the University of Illinois.

    • Michael is good friends with former NBA star Charles Barkley. He and Barkley are so close that Michael has edited and written the introduction for Barkley's most recent books.

    • Graduated from the University of Northwestern.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: Players suffer coaching changes all the time; it's life in the NFL.

    • Michael: It's impossible to write the modern history of pro basketball and not deal with, at some length, the career of Charles Barkley.

    • Michael: If I had five sports editors in my first five years, my most formative years, I wouldn't be able to write my name.

    • Michael: Fathers all over Michigan wanted their daughters to bring home a boy like Joe Dumars (a player on the Detroit Pistons).

    • Michael: Sports don't define us; it is not what we live for.

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  • slam dunk

    Mike, I am a lifetime 76er fan from the 1960;s. When Julius Erving came to the team, they were considered the traveling circus because of who was on the team. Julius Erving, George McGinnis, Darryl Dawkins World B. Free, Joe Jelly Bean Bryant (Kobe's father), Doug Collins, Caldwell Jones ,Harvey Catchings and a cast of others put on such a show dring warm-ups that a fan asked to be refunded his money because he missed the lay up line before the game. This is how important dunking before the game was and is. Love the show with you and Tony..moreless
  • It wouldn't break my heart if Tony Reali replaced him on Pardon The Interruption.

    He's easily my least favorite of the two major talkers on ESPN's Pardon The Interruptionwith Tony Kornheiser. I hate how he talks to Tony (not directed at Tony, of course) like American sports followers are uninformed about the latest sports headlines and that his way is always the right way and that he's important, blah blah blah. He ruins NBA games by being part of the pregame, halftime and postgame discussions, in my opinion and I honestly don't like him at all. I'd rather have someone like Tony Reali square off with Tony Kornheiser onPardon The Interruption.moreless