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  • slam dunk

    Mike, I am a lifetime 76er fan from the 1960;s. When Julius Erving came to the team, they were considered the traveling circus because of who was on the team. Julius Erving, George McGinnis, Darryl Dawkins World B. Free, Joe Jelly Bean Bryant (Kobe's father), Doug Collins, Caldwell Jones ,Harvey Catchings and a cast of others put on such a show dring warm-ups that a fan asked to be refunded his money because he missed the lay up line before the game. This is how important dunking before the game was and is. Love the show with you and Tony..
  • It wouldn't break my heart if Tony Reali replaced him on Pardon The Interruption.


    He's easily my least favorite of the two major talkers on ESPN's Pardon The Interruptionwith Tony Kornheiser. I hate how he talks to Tony (not directed at Tony, of course) like American sports followers are uninformed about the latest sports headlines and that his way is always the right way and that he's important, blah blah blah. He ruins NBA games by being part of the pregame, halftime and postgame discussions, in my opinion and I honestly don't like him at all. I'd rather have someone like Tony Reali square off with Tony Kornheiser onPardon The Interruption.

  • You are retarded.. Do you even listen to what you are saying. You honestly think Adam Sandler does not play in funny movies. You are just a depressed no sense of humor person who thinks he knows about sports. JUST STOP TALKING.

    Do not watch this show... Especially because this guy does not know what he is talking about! Any one can get in front of the camera and just run their mouth, but the things that you comment on make no sense. I would highly recommend having someone take over your job. It would be best for PTI, it would be best for the viewers, and individuals would not have to change their channel for a half hour just to wait until you are done talking. Thanks for making the show terrible. I'm sure everyone will agree with what i said. STOP TALKING