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  • Zaslow's "Roger Thorpe" will forever be one of the all-time great soap villains.

    When I was researching Michael Zaslow while attempting to gain his guide, I learned quite a bit about the man who I watched for so many years. The kind and generous actor, who passed away in 1998, was truly one of the greatest men to ever work in daytime televison. As "Roger Thorpe" on the long running CBS soap opera "Guiding Light", Zaslow brought the idea of a villain to a whole new level. He captured the hearts of the show's fans in spite of themselves, and managed to stir up every possible emotion.

    Michael developed ALS sometime in the 90s and although the illness is debilitating, he found a way to champion for the cause and return to daytime television. On "One Life to Life", a show he had appeared on in the 80s, Michael once again played "David Renaldi" an ex-spy who was now suffering for the same disease as Michael.

    He genuinely was one of the all-time greats, in television... and in life.