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  • cool and looks fun

    When I grow up I want to be an actor or artist.
  • Love the show Bones

    I really love this show. I just noticed that Michaela Conlin very much resembles Jodi Arias, the woman who is now going on trial for brutally murdering her boyfriend. If they ever do a movie about this case, I think that Michaela would be perfect to play the character of Jodi.
  • She always makes me cry.


    I am turned into a crying, emotional man when Michaela is on the screen. She has a great ability to communicate love, empathy and care very well.

    Also, I love her scenes with Billy Gibbons. She helps me forget he can't act, but I'm sure he is on the show for only one reason - he's so cool! Love him!

  • Angela's - Character???!!!

    I really enjoyed Michaela's character alot until her and Hodgins broke up and the writers portray her as some girl gone wild in a lesbian relationship. The character is undecisive & sexually insane. Please put her and Hodgins back together. Angela & Hodgins had good chemistry... almost as much as Brennan & Booth. Their relationship (Angela & Hogins)left alot for the writers to do. Angela (according to the show) wanted 10 children, this would have been an interesting development also. Since Brennan & Booth are just partners, any other developing relationships made the program very appealing. Love the show. Enjoy the comedy & crime mixture. The other Characters are very interesting, funny and the casting was done well.
  • More than good enough to have her own show.

    Michaela Conlin really deserves her own show, she is just that good. Although if she had her own show she couldn't work on Bones, so on second thought, she can have her own show, but after Bones. On "Bones" Michaela plays an artist by the name of Angela Montenegro who specializes in facial reconstruction. Her best friend on the show and in real life is Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan portrayed by Emily Deschanel, two fantastic leading ladies for this show. Angela is very often the source of gossip and the one all of the squints turn to for advice, especially Brennan. I'm sure one of these days you will find Michaela Conlin starring in her own show.