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Michele Greene

Michele Greene


2/3/1962, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Also Known As

Michelle Greene, Michelle Green, Michele Green
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Michele Greene is most famed for her portrayal of Abby Perkins in L.A. Law, for which she earned an Emmy-nomination. Michele studied Drama at University of Southern California. During her college years she began working in television. At the same time, she studied singing and began writing songs.…more


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  • Great actress and singer/songwriter!

    I really liked Abby Perkins on L.A. Law. She was one of the best female characters of the show: far more beautiful than Grace, far more intelligent than Gwen and far more funny than boring Ann Kelsey! And: she got along with my favorite Rosalind Shays! And: she shared a wonderful kiss with Cara Jean Lamb( why o why didn't they become a couple?) A couple of weeks ago I bought Michele's CD: it is now one of mu favorite CD:s! Michele writes really good songs and has a beautiful voice, something we L.A. Law fans allready knew: who can forget when Abby, Roxanne and Sturat sang " I just called to say I love you"?!moreless