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  • She's a decent voice actor...not my preferred take but alright

    Michele Knotz has great talent and potential...however she isn't my preferred take for Misty, Jessie, or May. She's not bad at the roles, persay, but Rachael Lillis and Veronica Taylor put a lot more love and effort into it. Rachael also sounded a lot more like Musashi than Michele does (as Michele tries to match Rachael for that role). Seems like a very nice person, but she just doesn't (like all of the other replacements) have that charm and charisma Veronica and the others brought to their roles. She's getting better as Jessie, though, most definitely. I didn't really like her May or Misty though. But she's decent overall.
  • She voices Misty and Jessie well, but she just can't voice May.

    Michelle Knotz is an all right voice matcher. Since she works with PUSA, she is supposed to replace the original voices on Pokemon, but she does mediocre work. With Misty and Jessie, she hardly gives any emotion into them. She always voices them at the same tone, despite the character's emotion. With May, she does an awful job! She makes May sound a heck of a lot older then she is. I mean, May is supposed to be ten years old, not twenty!

    Overall, she does pretty good voicing Misty and Jessie, but she completely sucks when she voices May. Scores:

    Misty: 81%
    Jessie: 95%
    May: 0%