Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks


2/24/1968, Washington, D.C.

Birth Name

Michelle A. Banks


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  • First and foremost I would like to say that I (James Banks) am truley proud that Michelle Angela Banks is my aunt. I think aunt Michelle is a great actor and will be the first death-female black actress to win a grammy award and become big time.moreless

    When I was a kid I was always happy to see my aunt Michelle. I always thought of her as that aunt from New York. Michelle Banks was a college student at Galludette University and soon began to teach there. As years past, Michelle began to start a new career as acting. Im not shure where but if I take a wild guess i would say New York. As more years past, she moved out to Los Angeles, California after between year 2000-2003 and in August 2004 I, my dad and sister flew to LA to see my aunt and when we came back, months later I went to see her do a play. So as you can see I am very supportive for my aunt and she already made it to UPN, HBO and so forth I will continue to encourage her and help her become a star. Hopefully I can watch her go down that red carpet and reminisce on how we played acting when I was a kid.moreless