Michelle Borth





8/19/1978 , New York, USA

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Michelle Borth, a native of New York, is an American actress most known for her role as Jamie in the critically-acclaimed HBO relationship drama Tell Me You Love Me. Together with her two younger brothers, Michelle was raised by her Italian mother, who runs a home improvement business, and her father, who does layout, formatting, and color correction work for the New York Times.

As a teen, she was trained in gymnastics at Kennet Gymnastics. Seeing acting as an outlet, Michelle earned her Bachelor's Degree in Acting and Theater History at Pace University of Manhattan in 2001 and pursued a future in the profession. Prior to her work on film and television in Los Angeles where she now resides, she has performed in several theatrical productions in New York. Between 2003 and 2006, Borth appeared in numerous thrillers and horror flicks.

In 2005, Michelle was cast as the sexy, intoxicating Jamie in the pilot episode of Tell Me You Love Me, whose script she believes was written for her. The full season was then picked up two years later. And although the series was not renewed for another season, her bold and brilliant performance drew the attention of critics and peers in the industry. Her other works on television include guest appearances in shows such as CW's Supernatural, NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and A&E's The Cleaner. In 2009, she was tapped for the role of Candace Butler, an amateur detective in the ABC suspense drama The Forgotten.