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  • She's a very talented singer

    Her voice is original. I like how she writes her songs and plays instruments like guitar. She's a great singer but she needs to be played more on the radio. When I listen to the radio I rarley hear her music. Her songs are all great but I don't know what stations they could be played on. Not hip-hop not rap or old music and her pop stuff can't be played on country radio. She's good at what she does but it's a good thing she became country because now there will actually be stations that will play her music. I can wait till her next single and for her Febuary album to come out. I'm sure it will be just as great if not better than The Spirit Room and Hotel paper and most likely better than her Wreakers album Stand Still Look Pretty. My favorite songs are, Are You Happy Now?, All you Wanted, and Breathe but I love all her other songs like If only she knew, You Get Me, Hotel Paper, and Where are you now?.
  • Great singer!!!

    I love Michelle Branch sooo much! I have both of her CDs, The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper. She has a beautiful voice! I even have her Wreckers CD. She is really great at both country and pop music! I also know that she's classically trained, which is sooo awesome! I wanna know what she sounds like when she sings opera! She probably has a great opera voice. Her music is great, and it speaks to people. She writes a lot of songs I can totally relate to, and I can feel the emotion in them. She is so amazing!
  • Michelle Branch: one of the few people who I really, and truly, enjoy listening to.

    I have to say, when I found out she was born in Arizona, I nearly fell over. Though it may not matter, I thought it was so cool to know she was from a place where I am currently living. The first time I heard a Michelle Branch song was around fourteen and when I was surfing YouTube. Nonetheless, I found a song on there that made me just stop and listen to. Soon, it was on my favorites and I listened to it all the time. The song was, "All You Wanted". I thought it was the most amazing song ever. It had meaning and depth to everyday things we all deal with each other.

    Even though I liked her song, I thought to myself, "She's probably just another singer, who doesn't have any other good songs." I started noticing songs on the radio, like "Everywhere." I asked my friend who was singing it, and she answered, "Michelle Branch, I think." I started to listen to her other songs and was amazed. I loved them! Every single one. "Desperately" stuck out the most. I still haven't found her CD's and I'm disappointed Target, Wal-Mart and other stores like that don't hold her songs. But I will. Yes, I know I will.
  • Michelle Branch is so great!!

    why did she go counrty? I mean she was so good at that whole pop/rock thing!! She is a very talented girl and very pretty!! She should still be making her own music! She was so good! Everywhere is one of the best songs ever and so is All You Wanted! This girl most definatley rocks!! She is one of the best singers ever!!
  • Definately original.

    I used to like Michelle Branch when she was a young and a beginning singer. I recently became reaccquainted with her music on the radio on day, and I'm so glad that I did!! She's amazing. Her style of music is different and enjoyable. I'll admit that she's not the absolute best singer that I've ever heard, but every singer has their flaws. Michelle is one of the greats though. I don't think that I've ever heard any other music like hers. It's unique and refreshing to hear after listening to some of that junk that's out there today. Michelle Branch is definately a classic.
  • Amazing!

    I love Michelle Branch so much! She is incredibly talented and full of energy. She sings and plays the guitar! She is truly amazing!

    My best friend and I listen to her music a lot, and we both love it. Some of my favourite songs are "Tuesday Morning," "I'd Rather Be In Love," and I also love "Til I Get Over You." I love to listen to ballads. I love slow songs and gentle music the best. There are lots of Michelle Branch songs I love, and I can dance to them. Still, her ballads are so beautiful!

    And she is also classically trained. No wonder she can sing so well! Anyone can make a beautiful sound.
  • She's okay, but I would not really recommend her for anything big. She is in a band now.

    She's okay, but I would not really recommend her for anything big. She is in a band now. It is called The Wreckers. Michelle Branch is in it with Jessica Harp. She was not as popular when she was a solo singer, with hit songs of the past such as All You Wanted and The Game Of Love. She is now more popular in my book, now that she is in The Wreckers with Jessica Harp. I think Jessica Harp is way prettier than Michelle Branch, but both girls are really pretty. Michelle is average, she is kind of cool.
  • Michelle Branch deserves more credit!

    Michelle Branch really has a lot of talent. She has a really amazing singing voice! But when she uses it on the song Are You Happy Now it sounds really weird. But I learned to like it and to get used to it. She sings a lot of my favorite songs. The best would have to be Everywhere To Me, Are You Happy Now and You Set Me Free. Michelle Branch is very amazing!
  • She's good on the guitar and her songs are cool but she doesn't have the best singing voice.

    I like Michelle Branch's songs just as much as someone else does but I was fairly dissapointed when I heard her sing. I was expecting a better voice to come out of her. She does play guitar very well and she is very pretty but I don't see much when she sings. I do really like breath, are you happy now, and her other songs but I wish someone else would sing them.
  • Michelle Branch is the coolest!

    She's a wonderful singer! I listen to her music all the time! She's very beautiful and could pass to be a model! The only bad part about her, is that she's not making anymore songs! If she made a new album, I'd buy it in a heartbeat! She plays the guitar and sings. She's also getting married, she's gonna be a lovely bride!
  • Michelle Branch was signed to Maverick Records in 1999 at the tender age of 16. She recorded her first two albums "Broken Bracelet" and "The Spirit Room" at 17, and released "The Spirit Room" on August 14, 2001 at the age of 18. It has sold 3 million copi

    I can honestly say that Michelle Branch belongs on the list of the all-time greats, because she is a talent to be reckoned with. Over 5 million records sold worldwide, 1 Grammy, collaborations with heavyweights such as Carlos Santana and Sheryl Crow... don\'t let Michelle\'s tremendous success fool you. She is one of the most humble people on Earth. Her albums \"The Spirit Room\" and \"Hotel Paper\" are pop/rocks gems that have defined our generation, and she is like the Janis Joplin of the new millenium. Sure, Vanessa Carlton can play a hella piece on the piano, but she can never sing and perform with such passion as Michelle does. And Avril is no competition at all. Michelle plays her guitars everywhere she goes, and it actually says that she wrote the songs in her album sleeves. On August 3, 2005, 22-year-old Michelle Branch gave birth to her first child, Owen Isabelle Landau, who weighed 7 lbs and 12 oz. Michelle married her husband Teddy Landau, 41, on May 23, 2004. Michelle teamed up with pal Jessica Harp during the fall of 2004, and they have completed their \"debut\" album, which will be released in January/February 2006, so she IS releasing new recordings in the near future. All her fans will wait for her, even if her next album doesn\'t get released until 2007/2008, we will still wait, because Michelle Branch has changed our lives.
  • A very talented young singer!

    Michelle Branch is an absolutely brilliant artist. I first heard of her through my friend and because of her recommendation i brought the album "Spirit Room" without ever even hearing her, with the last of my allowance at the time. A few days later i was watching an episode of Buffy the Vampre Slayer "Tabula Rasa" and heard a very talented singer play at the end of the epiosde, at this point i was disappionted that i had ordered Michelle Branch's album, until i saw the credits and Michelle Branch was listed as the singer! I have never looked back, i have brought everything released by her since, there isn't one of her songs that i don't like and she is now my favourite singer. It's a pity that she isn't too big in England though, her career seems to match that of Robbie Williams, he is very popular in the UK, but has not yet made it in the US, whereas Michelle Branch is very popular in the US, but has not yet made it in the UK. But when she does it will be brilliant.