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  • She's a very talented singer

    Her voice is original. I like how she writes her songs and plays instruments like guitar. She's a great singer but she needs to be played more on the radio. When I listen to the radio I rarley hear her music. Her songs are all great but I don't know what stations they could be played on. Not hip-hop not rap or old music and her pop stuff can't be played on country radio. She's good at what she does but it's a good thing she became country because now there will actually be stations that will play her music. I can wait till her next single and for her Febuary album to come out. I'm sure it will be just as great if not better than The Spirit Room and Hotel paper and most likely better than her Wreakers album Stand Still Look Pretty. My favorite songs are, Are You Happy Now?, All you Wanted, and Breathe but I love all her other songs like If only she knew, You Get Me, Hotel Paper, and Where are you now?.