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    • Michelle: (on actresses that have inspired her) I've been very inspired by Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Cate Blanchett, Vanessa Redgrave. There are a lot of actresses who have inspired me, tons, and who I appreciate watching.

    • Michelle: (on acting with Thea Gill) We play a couple that has been together for eight years, and we wanted to convey that tenderness straightaway. Thea was like, 'Hey, you want to come over and practice kissing?' And I said, 'Yeah, sure, let's practice kissing over tea.' That's how comfortable we are together.

    • Michelle: I certainly have been attracted to women before. I think it's natural. I think if people were to really let themselves be, you would find that you may not really know what you're attracted to until you just allow yourself to be and not put blinders on or be run by what society says you should be.

    • Michelle: People come up to me and talk to me about their sexual fantasies. You would be surprised the kinds of things that people want to talk about.

    • Michelle (on a favorite "Queer as Folk" moment) Well, one of my favorite moments was when Lindsay and Melanie said their vows. That felt like a very powerful scene that we were shooting, because I think it's rare that you get to see in dramatic television two gay women marrying and it being taken seriously.

    • Michelle: (on homosexual marriage) In my mind, I live in a world where it shouldn't even be an issue. I can't even imagine that people are so up in arms against people who love each other getting married. I can't even wrap my head around it. I find it strange that our government has no problem sending innocent young men and women to war, but God forbid they should allow people to marry who they love. It just doesn't make sense. It's like they support hate and fear and crime and killing, but they don't support love.

    • Michelle: (on her character, Melanie's, fantasy date) Well, I think Angelina Jolie would be Melanie's fantasy date. But I think she would probably be every person's fantasy date, woman or man.

    • Michelle: Oh, my vagina? Oh, my God. I think the pleasure I get from it, for sure. Definitely. It's an endless source of pleasure, especially the older I get. It's true what they say!

    • Michelle: My life is so funny to me. I'm really klutzy and I'm always doing the stupidest things. Like, I'll lose my cell phone, and then I'll call myself on my cell phone in my own house. You know when you lose it and you call it to find out where it is?

    • Michelle: (her thoughts on homosexual marriage) My point of view is very simple: They should be legal and recognized in the eyes of the government as having the same rights…as heterosexual marriages. Until we get to that point, I feel as though we are living in the stone-age.

    • Michelle: (on her favorite part about playing Melanie) I just think it's a very complex character, and that's probably what captivates me most about playing her. I think she's very human and very strong, yet still extremely sensitive, and I find that quite fascinating to play.

    • Michelle: (on her role on Queer as Folk) Honestly, it has been a very interesting experience for me, because I'm not Jewish and I'm not a lesbian.

    • Michelle: (on Thea Gill and Thea's character, Lindsay) It's what Thea brings to the role. Thea herself is such a lovely person and what she brings to Lindsay is just that…beautifulness. I don't know how else to describe it. She's lovely and Melanie is completely in love with her. I also love her quirkiness, which I'm sure you'll see more of in the next season.