Michelle Deighton

Michelle Deighton


12/8/1984, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

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Michelle Deighton


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Michelle Deighton was a contestant on cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model. She was eliminated in Cape Town, South Africa with the reason being her lack of confidence. Michelle currently resides in Los Angeles and has recently signed with Janice Dickinson's modelling agency.


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  • very talented

    In my opinion Michelle is one of the most talented between the participants of America’s next model. I think that she must have been the winner. She takes excellent pictures, her eyes and the way she uses it makes her very special. She is sincere and humble, different from the others.

  • Crazy, hideous, no-neck monster.

    Michelle is, without a doubt, the most unattractive America's Next Top Model to date. What on earth would possess them to put her on the show? Was it some sort of cruel joke on the viewers? Two Michelle highlights (or lowlights you might say):

    1. When the models were in the store room of a shoe store Michelle had a nervous breakdown at the prospect of being crushed between two of the moveable rows of shoes. This was one of the major signs of her mental instability.

    2. She is so hideous that partway through the season her skin attempted to make a break for it. It couldn't deal with being attached to her crazy face and it tried to peel itself off. And it still took a couple of weeks for her to get kicked off!moreless