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  • Michelle Dockery is best known to her legion of fans as Lady Mary Crawley from the ITV 1 series "Downton Abbey", but she has quite a few other titles to her credit.

    Born on 15th December, 1981, in Essex in the United Kingdom, Michelle has quite a few stage, screen and, of course, television roles to her credit. This versatile actress is currently playing Lady Mary Crawley in Julian Fellowes "Downton Abbey", but before that, she also played Eliza Doolittle on stage, and prior to that, she has had roles in "Cranford", "The Turn of the Screw" and "Waking The Dead", just to name a few.

    Michelle loves the theatre and was apprenticed at the prestigious National Theatre in London. These days, her role as Lady Mary is taking up most of her time as in 2011, a second series of the immensely popular "Downton Abbey" is being filmed. There are also hopes for s third season and, of course, more work for this very talented young actress.