Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes


1/8/1965, Austin, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Michelle Renee Forbes Guajardo


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  • Michelle Forbes in The Killing
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With strength of spirit that is reflected in her determined features, Michelle Forbes always knew that she would be a successful performer. At the age of 16, after receiving her formal acting training from the Performing Arts High School in Houston, Texas, she left home to head for…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She had been nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Actress by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films for her role in Kalifornia, but the award went to Andie McDowell for Groundhog Day.

    • When talking about her character of Admiral Cain on Battlestar Galactica, Michelle occasionally refers to her as "Saddam Hussein with bangs".

    • As with most Star Trek alumni, Michelle will occasionally appear at Star Trek conventions when her schedule allows it.

    • In 2003, Michelle was nominated for a SAG Award along with the whole cast of 24, for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series.

    • Michelle was on the cover page of the magazine TV Zone (USA/UK) dated February 2006, Issue 198.

    • She had appeared in the first season of Prison Break, as Special Agent Samantha Brinker. However, her character stopped appearing after Season 1 was over with no explanation. A similar fate befell her character of Presidential Aide Lynne Kresge on the second season of 24

    • To her close friends, Michelle's nickname is Mishka.

    • She had appeared in an interview for StarLog Magazine in which she was titled 'Actress with attitude.'

    • She provided the voice of Dr. Judith Mossman in the Half-Life 2 video games.

    • Michelle appeared in an unsold pilot of Global Frequency, a show based on the Warren Ellis comic book limited series.

    • Early in her career, Michelle trained to be a ballet dancer.

    • In order to play the role of Susan Metcalfe, a hearing impaired woman on the BBC movie series, Messiah, Michelle had to learn her lines in sign language in only six days.

  • Quotes

    • Michelle Forbes: (When she was asked how she decided to accept the role of Maryanne on "True Blood") When someone offers you an entrance where you are standing naked with a pig, you don't say no.

    • Michelle Forbes: I actually think we need to stop being so prudish about nudity and start being more European -- because it's just nudity.

    • Michelle Forbes: (when asked about Alan Ball, the producer of "True Blood") He's such a wonderful man to work for and I don't think I've ever run into anyone who is not a fan of his. And, after "Durham County" and "In Treatment", I really wanted to do something light and fun. And while "True Blood" is a very technically difficult show and there is a lot of depth to it, it's illegal how much fun we're having on the show. Which for me, was really important, to go and do something that was fun for a bloody change as supposed to being tortured all the time. Even though I was tortured on the show by having to face a few fears.

    • Michelle Forbes: (During an interview about her role in "True Blood") For me, being new to the realm of vampires, it's a very unique voice. It's very, very funny. It's very dark, it's very sweet, it's sexy, it's Southern, it's a mystery. It's got a little bit of everything. It's a very unique voice and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

    • Michelle Forbes: (when she was asked about her character, Admiral Cain, shooting her first officer for disobeying an order) [Laughing] Well, that was a bit abrupt, wasn't it?

    • Michelle Forbes: (when asked during an interview about the character "Ro Laren" on "Star Trek: The Next Generation") I received a script with this woman Ro in it. It was such a good story it really took my heart and I thought I knew exactly who she was. The only thing I was worried about when the producers asked me to come back was, are they going to homogenize her, because if there going to, it would be such a shame. It is really sad when there are only a few strong woman on television, when there are so many in real life. What has happened in the past, the networks or whomever get scared of it and start homogenizing and trying to make women less of a threat. With Ro, I never saw her as being stronger than anyone else, but perhaps I was a bit more outspoken.

    • Michelle Forbes: (discussing Battlestar Galactica) I think the show is so relevant. It's rare that you can have a sort of nihilistic view of the future that is still in a weird way, still hopeful and human. And you can't really type the show. I guess it's sci-fi, but it's also a military drama, it's a family drama, it's a political drama. Ron Moore just has that punch-you-in-the-gut writing. You're coasting along and you get hit by the questions he brings up. You see yourself in these people, you can see your flaws in these people.

    • Michelle Forbes: (discussing Admiral Cain on "Battlestar Galactica") I think that there is something compelling … about her sense of duty, and her sense of getting the job done at whatever cost. There is comfort in that in difficult times, in times of war. But people like that may be misguided.

    • Michelle Forbes: (discussing the character of Admiral Cain) Cain is always aware of her mortality and is quite willing to sacrifice her life and she expects the same of everyone around her.

    • Michelle Forbes: (when asked about her character of Mary in "Bullfighter") People ask me to play a lot of very tough, uber-women and I was really struck by the vulnerability of Mary, and I wanted to...I was eager to really explore that and be a part of that.

    • Michelle Forbes: (About her character of Admiral Cain on "Battlestar Galactica") I tend to play a lot of authoritative, strong women, so initially this simply wasn`t something I wanted to do. God bless them, though, for being so pursuant of me. The Galactica producers sent me a set of DVDs, because I had never seen the show, either. Galactica is amazingly good and well written. I shudder to think I almost lost out on working with those wonderful people and on such a powerful story.

    • Michelle Forbes: (On playing Sonni/Solita on Guiding Light) Everyday I have to cry or be on edge. It gets crazy sometimes. When I got hired to do a soap, I thought I'd get to wear pretty clothes and talk about who's sleeping with whom - well, we're talking religion, sex, guilt, rejection, loyalty, greed - there are some serious issues here, not what I would have expected at all.

    • Michelle Forbes: (talking about turning down Star Trek Deep Space Nine) There were all sorts of rumours about why I didn't take [the DS9 role] and that I was quite arrogant about the whole thing. It wasn't that at all. It was, again, about wanting variety in my career. If I'd gone on to do DS9 I might not have had the variety I've been lucky to have in my career. That's not to say I wasn't grateful for the opportunity; I genuinely was. However, I had to make a choice that felt right for me, which was a difficult one, especially as a young actor being offered a steady job.

  • She is a B...

    I grew to hate this bitch on Chicago Fire.
  • She does "Bad" so well...

    ...and is she a busy girl in 2009 or what? Not only is she stirring things up, for now on a weekly basis, on True Blood but she is also due to start turning her hand to character destruction in a Canadian series called "Durham County" with Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint) and Helene Joy (Murdoch Mysteries).

    ...this must be the era of having several series on the go at one time...

    At any rate, I never could really get into Durham County but with her and Hugh Dillon in cahoots...that's about to change. I'm sure Michelle will take bad to the extreme in both True Blood and Durham County, but will she come out on the right side as she did with "Ensign Ro" on TNG?

    I guess the fact that her characters are so easy to either hate or at least mistrust, makes her a go-to performer. Looking forward to seeing all the havoc she can wreak this season...moreless