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  • Definitely the better of the two!

    Michelle was a contestant with her husband, Lake, on TAR in 2006; this review is based on her appearance on that show.

    I gave Michelle a high score and rating of "more talented co-star" because she deserves it. Anyone who is married to Lake and doesn't put a pillow over his face while he's sleeping... well, they definitely deserve high marks! She must have the patience of a saint, really. To have to put up with his macho crap all the time, to put up with the names that he called her, the yelling, the impatience from him, the blame shifting after he'd refuse to listen to her (when she gave him the right answer, but he was just to stubborn and stupid to listen...), well, that person definitely deserves a high ranking and a medal.

    As I said in the review for Lake, I know that the editors for the show probably made Lake look worse than he really is... but let's face it, he's bad. He's just not a nice person, and Michelle deserves high marks for not divorcing his sorry butt!moreless