Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez


4/21/1971, Glasgow, Scotland

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    • She is married to Jack Davenport, star of Coupling.

    • She keeps switching sides... She is currently working for the BBC however with a programme that pokes fun at the police force (English) in a programme called "Feel The Force" She started filming this after she shot the episode of "Green Wing" when she was fired. We do not know if she will be back in "Green Wing" series 3 OR even if she will return to Channel 4. This is not the first time she has gone from different channels as she is a great comedienne people want to get their hands on her.

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  • She is amazing

    She is an English and female version of I would say Jim Carrey she is brilliant... I love her she is attractive and she can make you laugh and cringe with her humour. What more can you want from a comedienne? Check her out in "Feel The Force" On BBC 2. And if she does return also on "The Green Wing" which is an English cheaper version of "Scrubs" she was amazing in the first 2 series There's not many people I do like but she is now in my top 10 and I've only got like 4 people in it, she joins the ranks of people like Jorge Garcia and Billie Piper. She just goes from strength to strength.moreless