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  • Michell Hurd is a damn good actress.

    I love Michelle Hurd. She\'s a beautiful woman and a damn good actress.
    She was great on Law and Order SVU. I think it would have been great to keep both Ice T and her on the show. Maybe she could come back this time as FBI, a higher rank then the brass that let her go. Or maybe show up on Criminal Intenet. It needs the help! yeah I know Chris Noth is on it now. I still love SVU but wish she was there.
    She was good on the OC and pretty funny on According to Jim! But my favorite was on Charmed, she kicked ass!
  • Miheal Hurd is a very good actress and she did do good being partners with munch.

    She was great with the cast of law and order svu.she did a teriffic job being partners with munch and having to put up with elliot.I kind of wish that thy didn't let her go.Only keep her and bring fin in for back up.I hope that she will be on another episode soon.