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Michelle King (I)

Michelle King (I)

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Michele King
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Michelle King is a producer and writer. Her husband Robert King is her writing partner, together they created TV shows The Good Wife and In Justice.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Michelle and Robert King were given a pilot order for a new project that aired in the 2007/2008 season. Once again they teamed up with Touchstone and Stu Bloomberg. The drama was called Judy's Got a Gun. It's about a single mom who is also a detective investigating bizarre crimes.

  • Quotes

    • Michelle King: (On the character of Alicia in the TV series The Good Wife) [Alicia] has so destabilized in Season 1 by everything that was thrown at her,... ...Now she does have her footing more in terms of her career and her life. It's about her making choices and taking control.

    • Michelle King: (On TV being a good place to be if your a woman) I don't think they're actually sorry to see a woman in the room in television,... ...because the feeling is that they'd like to get female viewers and there are an awful lot of female TV executives. Often times, Robert's the only guy in the room.

    • Michelle King: (On finding the true to life inspiration for the TV series The Good Wife) Over and over, we found that these are, first of all, women who are choosing to stay in the marriage, which is kind of interesting,... ...Many of them are highly intelligent and accomplished on their own. And we kept seeing lawyers, one after the other.

    • Michelle King: (On her and her husband Robert's conception of a 10pm o'clock show) There are some shows that try to get as many swear words in as they can in order to brand themselves as a 10 o'clock show,... ...That was never part of our conception.

    • Michelle King: (On if her show The Good Wife clashes with CBS or CBS Productions) The network has been extremely supportive of the show and the direction we've taken. They've been terrific.

    • Michelle King: (On if there are times when she wishes her TV series The Good Wife was on cable) It's hard not to look at cable with envy at times, for sure. The tradeoff is we get to tell more stories and usually have a bigger budget, so it probably evens out.

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