Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool


1/25/1980, Palatka, Florida

Birth Name

Michelle Leigh McCool



Also Known As

All American Girl, Michelle McCool
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Michelle wasn't fortunate enough to win the 2004 RAW Diva Search. But has signed on to the SmackDown Brand. Before becoming involved in professional wrestling, she was a seventh grade teacher in Palatka, Florida. She made her debut SmackDown! appearance in November 2004 Michelle has a background in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Hot, but vastly overrated.

    Michelle McCool is very hot. And that's about it. She is very much overrated in the ring and her mic work is terrible. To be honest, I think she is by far one of the most unoriginal and generic characters, especially for divas, in WWE history. I think she has gotten to be a top diva in the company mostly because of her relationship with The Undertaker. I don't respect people who play politics. She also seems to be arrogant and moody when she hasn't earned the right to be where she is today. Overall, she is very much overrrated. Thank you.moreless
  • A great WWE Diva on SmackDown!

    Michelle McCool is a WWE Diva on SmackDown! and she has improved with her wrestleing people hello everybody complains about how women in the WWE can't wrestle anymore well Michelle wants to learn how to improve herself it will take time she was hired back in 2004 and put her WWE career on hold so she can go train how to wrestle she chould have stayed and been like the other eyecandy Divas but she didn't this show's she really wants to learn how to wrestle and I chould she a good future ahead for her I will rate Michelle McCool a 7.8!moreless