Michelle Patterson

Michelle Patterson


Syracuse, New York

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Sister Patterson, Momma B, Ms.Michelle
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Michelle Patterson first appeared on television when she was invited to meet rapper Flavor Flav. Her daughter, Tiffany, was on the hit reality show Flavor of Love twice and both times Michelle showed hostility towards Flavor Flav. She says she wants a "better man" for her daughter. In…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Who is she, and why is she famous?

    Who is this Michelle Patterson women, and why is she famous? The only reason why she is famous is because of Flaor Flav, and she hates him! Then she co-starred with her daughter on another bad reality dating show called I Love New York. New York did find love, but because of New York and her bad attitude, it drove Tango out of there! Smart move Tango. Now we have to deal with her again! I just hope her fifteen minute of fame will end shortly and badly!moreless
  • She is just liveing of New York's fame...........

    Michelle Patterson is just liveing off her daughter's fame. Michelle is so wicked to be doing that she only got to fame. After she screamed all over the Flavor of Love girls and Flavorflav. If It was that simple I chould do that. Then she has to stay on I Love New York season 1 and most likely she will be on season 2. The reason I don't like her is because she never wants New York to be happy. Think about it Flav then Chance she is just a wicked women who only cares about whats right fot her self. I rate Michelle Patterson a 5.3.moreless