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  • She's amazing

    Well, the first movie I ever saw with her was the one called Dangerous Minds, a pretty old one, but where she did a hell of a job as a leading actress. She impressed me a lot because of that role. And after that I continue to watch her growing and growing with her movies.. Of course, not every one of them was as extraodrinary as the first one I saw with her, but they are certainly proves that she can act. And good. No to mention that she is very pretty. Her talent is equivalent with her looks. Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the best actresses out there and one of my favorites. Period. I can't wait to see her future projects! In the last couple of years, she was a little unoticed, but that's ok. We still love you!
  • empty

    Michelle Pfeiffer is a truly great actress. The fact that she has been in the business for so long really proves that she is talented. She's been in so many good movies (and a few bad ones), but she is usually on top of her game.
  • Best Catwoman celeb out there.

    I will admit, the only movie with Michelle Pfeiffer I ever saw was Batman Returns directed by Tim Burton. Her role as Catwoman was a very decent role for her. I just always ask myself "Will Catwoman ever return in the Batman movies? What ever happened to Catwoman's cat after Bruce Wayne found it on the streets?" You rock Pfeiffer!