Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan


4/22/1984, Enfield, Greater London, England, UK

Birth Name

Michelle Claire Ryan


  • Behind the scenes of Doctor Who's easter...
  • Behind the scenes of Doctor Who's easter...
  • Behind the scenes of Doctor Who's easter...
  • Behind the scenes of Doctor Who's easter...
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She rose to fame playing Zoe Slater in the British soap, EastEnders, and has since been cast as the lead in NBC's remake of Bionic Woman.


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    • (on playing Nimeuh in Merlin)
      Michelle Ryan: It was really great fun. I'd normally played wicked girls who have a bad side or a dark side but Nimeuh is really evil. I mean she has been treated badly in the past but she's still a bitch.

    • [On how she got her role in "Bionic Woman"]
      Michelle Ryan: I was just called in to do an audition, so I put myself on tape and that was then sent to NBC and they liked what they saw and then they brought me out to do a screen test and then within a week I found out I had the job.

    • Michelle Ryan: I was recently in New York promoting the show [Bionic Woman] recently and met Josh Holloway from Lost. He congratulated me and I said, 'Why are you congratulating me? You're on Lost!'

    • [On being on EastEnders at a young age]
      Michelle Ryan: It was a bit weird when people recognized me in the street, because they associate you with your character. It was when I was growing up and trying to find my own identity.

    • [On why she left EastEnders]
      Michelle Ryan: It just got really boring in the end. It was too easy. I think I'd found every possible layer to the character, and I got to the point where I needed a new challenge. I was 21, and desperate to go out and meet some new people.

    • [On if she watched the original Bionic Woman]
      Michelle Ryan: I remember seeing clips of Lindsay Wagner and thinking that she looked like a very pretty, very nice lady. I was so young, that that's all I really remember!

    • [On her character from Bionic Woman]
      Michelle Ryan: I would say she's feisty and smart and loyal, and also warm and vulnerable. She's a young woman who's trying to find her way in life, she's dealing with these incredible things that are being thrown at her. But yes, she's kicking ass, and yeah, she is kind of taking on the world. But she's also feeling very vulnerable, and she has a boyfriend who isn't entirely honest with her.

    • [On training for Bionic Woman]
      Michelle Ryan: At first I couldn't even do one press-up, but by the end of it I could do 15, 20 reps. When I'm left to my own devices, I don't work out. I'll walk the dog with my mum or go out dancing with my friends, but I like sleeping. The first week was grueling, but by the second week I loved it because it gave me so much energy and confidence.

    • Michelle Ryan: What's cool this time around is how relatable the Bionic Woman is. She's a normal girl with everyday concerns, like what's the state of her love life. What's even cooler is, she can leap from building to building if she needs to.

    • [On how she feels with her new found stardom]
      Michelle Ryan: How do I feel? I don't know...I'm speechless. I think that would be the best word. I don't think any of it has really sunken in.

  • Fantastic !!!

    What could I say apart from amazing things about her?

    I saw her in Jekyll where she has a big role, she plays very well and that is good in a promising TV series.

    In Bionic Woman where she is the main character (the only attraction of the TV series?), she is very convincing and carries the show on her own.

    Finally, in the film Cash Back where she has a little role, well she does the job.

    To sum up, she is wonderful!!!

    I think she is really talented; she is a rising star who could shine very soon.

    Moreover she is beautiful with amazing eyes and an English accent which drives me crazy!!!moreless
  • Great actress with lots of potential!

    I never heard of this actress before until I saw the Bionic Woman and that she is talented despite the show not being up to par with the original and series star Lindsay Wagner. But I think that Michelle Ryan has held her own despite the weak scripts and all of that. She is British but does an American accent great. And hides the fact that she is British though she got to show her British accent once in a show. Hopefully that the show will be given another chance as well as given more great and strong scripts. If the show comes bacm from the strike. She has a lot of potential and hopefully if the show doesn't come back, she can break into other things.moreless