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  • Enjoy your rest Michelle. We know you're home and at peace!

    Was watching "Life After" about Malcom Jamal Warner (Theo on the Cosby Show), it's 08/2010, and I did not know that the beautiful and talented Michelle Thomas had passed .. almost 12 yrs ago, but didn't know till today .. Enjoyed her work on the Cosby Show and Family Matters. She was funny, smart, and drop dead gorgeous with an infectious smile. Her passing just shows us how fleeting this life can be. But believe me, as Dr. King stated, "I've been to the mountaintop, and I've seen the promised land." I can't say that but I am aware of the beautiful home that awaits us all .. Michelle would not return if she could, she would not want to ....
  • She is missed.

    Seeing her on Family Matters was real fun. She was very talented and also very gorgeous. She played Steve Urkels girlfreind perfectly. I liked the fact that she was also a very good actress. I guess the only way I know her is from watching Family Matters. I liked her character as Myra because she stuck by Steve even though he was a nerd. She left the world too soon, but she made her impact with her perfomances and her ability to make the show better. Overall, she was very talented and also a pleasure to watch on the show. Thank you.
  • Not only a talented actress, but a courageous woman who made the world smile with her kindness, humor, and smile.

    Michelle, I remember you from The Cosby Show and Family Matters, both in which your presence was always felt. You came onto Family Matters and made the show and the whole cast better. When I heard of your passing, I was very upset, as I still can't believe you're gone. You were funny, charismatic, kind, and courageous. You are an inspiration to me and many others. You never gave up, not once. You were and always will be my favorite Family Matters character. I write this in hope that you will read this up from Heaven. I hope you are happy up there. Love, your fan, Bill.