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  • Michelle Trachtenberg is a talentless, brainless, hopeless brat with nothing to offer humanity.

    Here's how I'll preface this: I'm going to skewer this loser based on the retinal cancer I have developed from her stint on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. I love that darn show. It's like an old love I sit down to catch up with every couple of years and re-discover what made me fall head over heels in the first place. The storytelling is engaging and brilliant and the cast is superb.

    When peeps ask me how I rate the Buffy Universe, I always say Season Two is the best followed by Season Five. Don't get me wrong, Season One, Three and Four are all fantastic journeys, but Two and Five just have so much at stake that the arc becomes irresistible. Now, at the conclusion of the Season opener for Five, we catch a glimpse of a little brown-haired tween in Buffy's bedroom who surprisingly turns out to be her sister, Dawn... a sister we never knew existed. I found this turn of events to be brilliant on the part of Whedon and company. What a wonderfully clever way to inject some new life into the series (though I never felt the life was faltering--but ratings showed otherwise). I never felt cheated, I never felt frustrated that it took a number of episodes to actually address why Dawn even existed on the show. ***Sidenote*** Dawn turns out to be a mystical energy that could destroy the fabrics of reality... and to hide the energy, some crusty monks made it into Michelle Trachtenberg. Here's where I have a problem. I love the idea, but I *Hate* the actress. I will never understand some folks' obsession with Michelle. After reading a few entries and checking out some Google searches I've found that a lot of dudes just want to do her (which I also don't get), and every woman who talks her up is under the age of 15. There is no excuse for her inability to act. Nothing will convince me that she's worthy of being a Hollywood actress. The only other onscreen stuff I've seen her in was a coathanger abortion called 'Black Christmas'. I hated her in that too, but was elated when she met a gruesome death. BTW: See the original film. It doesn't have Trachtenberg, and won't make you want to blow up your DVD player.

    But back to the Dawn-ster. Look, supporters of this character will say MT embodies the awkward, innocent, annoyingness of a teen. I get angst. I was a teenager, I grew up with two little brothers who became teenagers before my very eyes, but never did I want to sell their internal organs on the black market for gas money. Yes, Michelle poorly acts her way through semi-capturing a brat in their early teens... but what she also does in the process is act-out a character that you grow to absolutely loathe every time she's onscreen. It is possible to draw-out a chracter that has a lot of angst, pain, and confusion, but also keep them interesting and likeable. See: River Tam in 'Firefly' (and countless other films and shows).

    It all comes down to M.T. not being able to pull off any scene she's in *ever*. She's horrible. She's predictable. Her cry-baby demeanor is repulsive enough to make you crawl out of your skin and flush yourself down a toilet for sanctuary. I will say that she did coin one of the most unintentionally hilarious catchphrases in television history: "Get out! Get Out! Get Out!" Believe me when I say these words come out of her mouth at least four times in three seasons of television. Horrifying and excruciatingly hilarious at the same time.

    Recently I convinced my girlfriend to sit down and absorb seven seasons of 'Buffy' and five of 'Angel'. Granted, she loved it and is a Whedon-lifer now, but she almost lost it when Michelle Trachtenberg entered the fray. She really brings down the whole cast and show as a whole, and it's a shame. I find Season Seven to be 60% unwatchable already, but Trachtenberg almost managed to sink the entire ship all on her lack of acting chops. Stop denying it, folks. This actress is worthless.
  • She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michelle Trachtenberg (who has the hardest last name to spell which I will mention later in the review) is one of my favourite actresses who is young, or was when she was in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Michelle in Buffy has such enthusiasm that if you didn't find her cute and loveable then you have no heart at all! She is so sweet and looks very fragile in Season 5. But as the seasons get further we realise that Michelle (Dawn) is much stronger than we anticipated. Especially in season 7 when she thinks that she is a Potential and attempts to fight off a vampire all by herself.

    Michelle also starred as Penny in Inspector Gadget, the loveable neice of Inspector Gadget. This wasn't her best acting role but without her as Penny it would be a little bit boring and people would miss the enthusiasm (which I mentioned in the Buffy paragraph.)

    Truth Or Scare, another thing that she was apart of, was a TV programme that I only saw one episode of but one of my friends said that Michelle was creepy, which added to the creepiness of the series. I also saw her on the cover of the Eurotrip DVD, I haven't seem the film but because I'm only 12 I don't think I'll be watching it any time soon. In the film she plays fraternity twin Jenny, who is the twin sister of Jamie.

    Michelle was the star in disney film, the Ice Princess, which is about ice-skating (which I like.) The film is about science whiz Casey who gives up her future academic to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a professional figure skater. In November of 2006 she starred in the sixth season of the Emmy-nominated crime drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent in the episode "Weeping Willow." She played the character of Willow, a kidnapped video blogger based on lonelygirl15. It's not just TV programmes and films that Michelle has starred in, she was in the music video for Fall Out Boy's song "This Ain't A Scheme, It's An Arms Race" along with Buffy The Vampire Slayer co-star Seth Green. Michelle was the voice of Tika Waylan in the animated film Dragonlace: Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

    The film 17 Again, which has just came out in the UK, has Michelle in it as daughter Maggie O'Donnel. I have seen adverts for this film and it looks quite good. I mentioned at the beginning of this review that Michelle has one of the hardest last names to spell, I'm not even sure if I have it right now but I think it's spelt Trachtenburg, gosh that name is worse to spell than Agyness Dean! (Did I get Agyness Dean right?)
  • I didn't watch Buffy but I did watch Ice Princess.

    Most people know her from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I never ever saw and never will because it's creepy. Michelle Trachtenburg isn't the worst actor but she isn't the worst either. I think that she plays the same type of charachter way to much and is over rated on her looks. She always plays the girl who rather weird or is into a type of sport and people don't believe in her and then she over comes it with a help of some handsome guy. I like her but I don't think her career is going to last that long.
  • She played Dawn on Buffy.

    I know a lot of people hate on her character on Buffy, but I really liked Dawn and I think that she played the spoiled childish role of Dawn as well as possible. She also gave depth to the character during a lot of the episodes during the fifth season. Because of her young looks I feel like she is often put in roles like the one in Ice Princess that don't push her as far as she is capable of going. With that in mind we all remember her from Harriet the Spy which was a classic from the youth. To see her moving on now to more mature roles like in The Dive from Clausen's Pier and her new character on Gossip Girl is great.
    She is also very pretty and I love her look. I hope to see her in a lot of things in the future.
  • I am her biggest fan ever!!!!

    I am Michelles biggest fan, I have never met anyone or seen anyone who is a bigger fan. She is so talented, I love her in Buffy, but move on she can do bigger and better things. Mitchy is growing up and you just got to face it that she was a little girl on buffy, but shes older (and may I say hot) and I respect her decisions, I havent seen one movie that shes been in that I didn't like, She is the best! Michelle don't ever change!

    HAPPY 22 MICHELLE 10/10/07 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    visit my fansite for her at www.michelletrachtenberg.wetpaint.com
  • empty

    Great actress, I love Eurotrip & even Ice Princess!
  • Face it you just know her as the lil girl in Buffy!

    Let start of you all know her as Dawn in Buffy the vampire.Her name is Michelle Tranchtenberg she is a great actress.She is on and off in different movie and shows.And if you guy never saw Buffy the vampire ill give you a hint she was in a disney movie back in the day.The movie was Harriet the Spy with Rosie.Now you can see her in many film like Black Chistmas and one of the greatest independent film called Mystery Skin.She also been in the movie Eurotrip.Yes the one in the the cover with a bikini!Even with so much that she has done not much people know who she is.So take my advice rent one of her movies one day and tell how "bad" she is as an actress.Don't say I did not warn you.
  • A cute 'Ice Princess'

    She's a famous teen star and she acted in many teen movies. One of htem are 'Ice Princess', 'Eurotrip', but she also acted in many movies for children such as 'Hariette The Spy'. But, she is probably best known for her role of Buffy's younger sister in the famous TV show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'....She is very cute and talented, I hope I will see her in more movies...
  • A long name, a hot Actress!

    I came upon seeing Michelle Trachtenberg on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and my mouth drop. what a beautiful teenager who would later grow into a beuatiful young actress. since "Buffy" went off the air, I haven't saw much of her. Last year, I caught her performance in "The Ice Princess," and not only she was talented, she was very beautiful. I have some pictures of her at home and she was just as beautiful. right now, I wish that she could come back to either television or the big screen. Because I'm min love with her and I want her to know that this fan want to see her again.
  • Personal favorite

    I hope that Michelle will go all the way and
    Become very famous and that she will really be big
    She is very talented and most of all, very pretty not
    Just on the outside but also on the inside and that
    If she keeps picking the right roles, she might be catipulted into superstardom!
  • She's one talented young women

    When i first met this toung actress it was on buffy the vampire slayer a very favorite show of mine.Prior to this i never new who she was.So i took it to my self to see what else she has done.With each movie and show i found i began to realize this is one fine young women with a nack for talent.with each show i watched her talent began to grow.I just recently watched house and episode now that is my favorite.Her acting was amazing in this show unlike anything i've seen in a while.I hope i can see more of her growing talent for years to come.
  • very beautiful and talented

    Well i got to know michelle acting through buffy the vampire salyer.As i began to see i young beautiful actress i began to wonder what kind of person she is.Through magazines and talk show i came to realize that she is more her than meets the eyes.She comes across as friendly,strong and down to earth giving her something that most actresses lack.But i also began to see as she got older she has amazing talent and beauty to top it.Her looks don't look fake in anyway like most other actresses she looks more natural giving a unique beauty that set's her apart from the norm.
    I see her growing in talent and strength in the years to come.
  • Young, pretty and clever

    Michelle really doesn't get enough credit for all the good work she does, she is so young yet she has acheived as much if not more than adult actors in a similar genre.

    Her talent is versatile and whether in commercials or programs she always fills the role well.

    Her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer really matured her skills and showed the world just how good she was.
  • A very nice actress

    I've seen many articles / blog / forum post about Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BTVS) in which Michelle Trachtenberg was being criticized for her acting as Dawn Summers. I think it was most of the time because they didn't like the character. I personnaly find her 'pro' enough and very talented for her age. She was really good at making you feel the way she did about what was happening in BTVS. She also was impressive in the 'Once More, With Feeling' episode, in which she did some classic dance. She was really good at it. And I also loved her acting while dawn was trying in vain to exorcise the Summer's house and when buffy came back home and find her disrupted.

    She is a great actress.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg is talented.

    Michelle Trachtenberg is talented, and beautiful I never new she was about the same age as me. I've seen a few of her movies harriet the spy, Ice Princess, Inspector Gadget, and Eurotrip, where all good movies is seems as though she matures as an actress, she certainly gets prettier with each movie, espacially eurotrip, WOW
  • Michelle Trachtenberg is one of the most talented young actresses there is in show bizz to day.

    michelle is one of the most tallented young actress in show bizz to day.Infact she is so tallented and popular that ever teen age girl wishes they could be in her shoes.if you dont belaeve that she is so taleneted you should check out the show Buffy The Vampire slayer in wich she plays as Don Buffy's younger sister.Allso check out some of her movies like ice princess.Heck just Check out anything that she plays in and you will see that she is extreamly tallented.And that she can play rolls on the small screen and on the big screen as well.I think I speake for alot pepple when i say that she is truly giffted.Go Michelle you rock keep up the good work.
  • She's down to earth and amazing.

    Well i learned of her through inspector gadget the movie.At first i was who this little child.But as began to watch her more in other roles i began to think she's more than just a child but an amazing and talented actress.She keeps me thinking that actress can people to.Well her true talents for her at least for me was her role as dawn summers on buffy the vampire slayer.
    she made dawn look like typical teenage girl.And gave dave a sense of life.The movies michelle has been in have really made me enjoy the movies even movies i wouldn't be caught dead watching.Such as ice princess.She keeps me intrested in almost every role she play's and has allowed me to see other movies i need dreamed of watching.To round this off she's one person who will continue to grow in talent as well as beauty.
  • Not only a really good actress but she is involved some really good causes.

    Michelle Trachtenberg is a pretty good actress. But before I wrote this I felt the need to go and find out how old she is cause, if I did not I might feel a bit weird reviewing her. But sence she is almost 20 I don't feel bad, or weird.

    Of corse she was Harriet the Spy, and Penny from Inspector Gadget, and more recently she was Jenny from Eurotrip, and Casey Carlyle from the new movie Ice Princess. The thing I liked her most was, of corse was her work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She kinda was in Angel, as a voice on the Phone, but I don't really know if that counts.

    In Buffy she played Dawn Summers, Buffy's Sister, who did not appear until the 5th Season, after Buffy defeated Dracula. Now when I saw this I was thinking that Buffy jumped the Shark, but they pulled it off great. Making this weird story about how she is an energy key that could end the world is great concedering that teenage girls always think that there life is "world ending".

    She also did great to not only add a young face to the "Scooby Gang", but she did well to compliment Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy), and James Marsters (Spike). She had also some young girl moments, like when she has a crush on Xander, and at the same time hating Anya, because she and Xander was an item.

    When she grew up on the show it was also really good cause she went on her own comming of age type thing, like when she was cought "parking" by her sister, who was her gardian, with a Vampire, and then compairing it to Buffy and Angels realationship, or her Antisocial tendencys of stealing things.

    I really hope that she continues to make good movies, and more Tv shows, but I hope she gets more grown-up roles like Jenny from Eurotrip.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Michelle is one of hollywood's best young actresses. She is a great actresses, plus she is absolutely beautiful.

    Michelle is one of hollywood's best young actresses. She is a great actresses, plus she is absolutely beautiful. She is my all time favorite actress and I think she will do well in the future. She seems to me like a nice person who cares about her work. I have heard she worked three months learning how to ice skate for the movie Ice Princess. This girl will be a very successful actress as she gets older. I wish her the best of luck.
  • michelle is a great actress and has amazing talent!

    michelle is so amazing! she is my brothers age but she looks alot younger. she seems like such a nice person and i am glad the casting director of buffy the vampire slayer chose her to play a dawn summers, buffy summers kid sister. she plays her role as dawn very well and should continue being on sitcom tv shows or movies. cant wait to see whats commin out!
  • Great actress, not so great role model.

    Michelle Trachtenburg is a great actress, no doubt about it. Is she a role model for children? No. Why? Eurotrip and The Dive from Clausen's Pier will give you the answers. The only movie of hers that makes her a role model is Ice Princess. Ice Princess is rated G and features Michelle as a nice schoolgirl. I really like Michelle, but I just think that she needs to choose better roles that will appeal to younger fans. She will be a big star someday, though.
  • Underused and pretty f\'n hot too.

    Michele Trachtenberg is a good actress, smokin hot, and has a nice butt to boot. We need more "real" actresses like her. Even though we should of seen her at least topless in Eurotrip, she can get by without nudity. You can't say that about a number of actresses these days. Schwing!