Michelle Williams





9/9/1980 , Kalispell, Montana, USA

Birth Name

Michelle Ingrid Williams




Michelle Ingrid Williams is daughter of Carla Williams and of the merchant Larry Williams. She was born and grew in a small village of the state of Montana. When she moved with her, family to San Diego, California, Michelle would begin to act in theatrical productions from very young.

At the age of fifteen she would become emancipated from her parents, residing in Burbank's locality.

Her first works like actress were in the television, intervening in episodes of series from ends of the 80s as "The watchmen of the beach", "A chapuzas in house" or "Stepwise".

(1994, one familiar(family) film directed by Donald Petrie made début in the cinema with thirteen years in the movie "Lassie's return". Later she would intervene in the movies of science - fiction "Species" (1995) and "Swindle Masters" (1995).

In the last half of the decade of the 90, Michelle would reach the popularity on having taken part in the series of television "Dawson's Creek", controlling also TV films as "My son is innocent" (1997) or "Lesson to Mr. Griffin" (1997).

She finished the decade taking part in the movie of terror "Halloween H20" (1998), a title led by Jamie Lee Curtis, and "She Ventures in the Casablanca" (1999, one satire co - led by Kirsten Dunst .