Michelynne McGuire

Michelynne McGuire


Minneapolis, MN

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Michelynne Mcguire


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She won the title of the Starlet on the WB reality show.


Trivia and Quotes

  • How is it that her prize was a management contract and yet she hasn't been on anything else but the One Tree Hill episode?

    Michelynne deserves better than that! She was incredible! She was a great actress and she proved it on the show, so why isn't she acting anywhere? She should be a star by now! Someone should give her a chance she would amaze them. It's not fair that she win an acting competition and then is not given opportunities to act. On top of that, all her acting was pure talent, unlike some of the other contestants who had been to acting classes, and she won it all. Doesn't that show something about her? Michelynne is too good to just pass up.moreless
  • Just find a picture of her on the internet and you'll have your jaw open!

    I first saw this Michelynne McGuire hottie on Street Smarts. I had no idea she had a side career other than being one of Frank Nicotero\'s many female street savants. It was on Home Improvement Smarts and my jaw just dropped for her. OH MAMA, SHE WAS HOT!!!!! (It\'s a shame neither April or Mo selected her for the final two rounds - I woulduv!) But I was amazed to find her resume and I was simply just searching for information about that particular episode. Now she has her own profile on the internet which I am just impressed of. And most importatly...Michelynne McGuire is DROP DEAD HOT!!!!!!!moreless