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Michiru Jo

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  • Jo is probably the pin-up of the cast. He's charming and funny, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.

    Jo apparently has been in every single episode, but I have counted at least 2 episodes where he hasn't been in. He started out as the guard in uphill garden wearing an outfit that was made out of Chinese lampshade covers, and was a remarkably good shot. But as he progressed, he became a more used guard, showing up in games like Sumo Rings, Bridge Ball, Show of Hands, and quite often a sporting official. He is underestimated in Sumo Rings, but, despite his build, he is very wily and surprisingly strong. His aim is very accurate, and he seems to help more than hinder the contestants, which is very sweet when it's involving little kids. But the thing I admire about Jo is to be able to pull off wearing a bright pink suit that is his normal outfit and look good in it.moreless