Mickey Hargitay


Mickey Hargitay Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Inspired to begin body building after seeing Steve Reeves on the cover of a magazine.
      One of the only actors to portray "Hercules" without a beard.
      First recipient of the Joe Weider Lifetime Achievement Award.
      In 1955, he received the titles of Mr. Universe, Mr. America, and Mr. Olympia.

    • Mickey Hargitay fled his home country of Hungary in 1947 to avoid the mandatory Soviet military draft.

    • Mickey Hargitay won the "Mr. Universe" title in 1955.

  • Quotes

    • Mickey: I wanted in the worst way to do the film with Jayne. At the time, we didn't tell anybody, but Jayne was pregnant. I noticed it myself she was getting alittle bit heavier (making the movie The Loves of Hercules) than she normally was.