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Mickey Rourke Trivia


  • Trivia

    • During his boxing career, Mickey had his nose broken twice, required nose surgery five times, and also received a smashed cheekbone.

    • Rourke had to complete three months of training with a cage fighter to prepare for his role in The Wrestler.

    • Rourke stated that The Pope of Greenwich Village was his favorite movie.

    • Rourke credits a conversation with director Tony Scott saved him from turning back to his destructive behavior after his brother died.

    • In October of 2004, Rourke's younger brother, Joe died of cancer. His death hit Rourke very hard.

    • Rourke had a bit part in Steven Spielberg's film, 1941. This was Rourke's film debut.

    • Mickey's biggest regret in life was turning his back on Hollywood to pursue a career in boxing. In his opinion, it robbed him of everything important in life: his wife, house, and reputation. He sought professional help in order to reconstruct his life.

    • Mickey was named 'Man of The Year' by British Film Fans for his role in Sin City.

    • Mickey was set to play the part of stuntman Mike on Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse, but was replaced by Kurt Russell after an arguement caused Mickey to walk off of production.

    • Mickey went to Argentina to visit former world middle weight boxing champion Carlos Monzon while serving time in prison for murder.

    • Mickey's boxing nickname was 'El Marielito'.

    • Mickey was first considered for the role of Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop; it went to Slyvester Stallone, who passed it on to Eddie Murphy.

    • Mickey performed on David Bowie's Never Let Me Down album in the 1980s.

    • Mickey played the thug in the music video by Enrique Iglesias, 'Hero' with Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2001.

    • Mickey was once called the 'human ashtray' by Kim Basinger.

    • Mickey has several tattoos, including a bull's skull on his right bicep, shamrock on his left forearm, and a tiger's head with Chinese Symbols on his left shoulder.

    • Mickey was married to model Carrie Otis from June 1992 until they divorced in December 1998. He married Debra Feur in 1981 until they divorced in 1989.

    • Mickey appeared on the cover of World Boxing magazine in June of 1994.

    • Mickey was born in Liberty City, Florida as Philip Andre Rourke, Jr. He attended Miami Beach Senior High School, and played 2nd string 1st baseman on the school baseball team.

    • Mickey was arrested by the LAPD and charged with spousal abuse in July of 1994, for assaulting then-wife Carrie Otis.

    • Mickey was considered for the role of Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs.

  • Quotes

    • Mickey: (On spending money) I ain't never seen no Brinks truck at a funeral and there ain't gonna be one at mine.

    • Rourke: I think Joe (his brother) left me something. His spirit. As long as I can work with people I'm excited about working with, it will be okay. I just can't work for the pay cheque.

    • Mickey: (On hitting rock bottom) You wake up one day and everything is gone. Your respectability, your money, everyone you care about. You're alone. You call up and try to get a table at a restaurant, and you can't. It went on for a long time. It's a dark hole, where I would pray to God. I mean, literally, on my knees, where I would say, 'Please can you just send me a little bit of daylight?' I always thought it would go away. There would be a little bit of hope, but then boom, it was black again.