Mickie James

Mickie James


8/31/1979, Richmond, Virginia

Birth Name

Mickie Laree James



Also Known As

Alexis Laree
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Mickie was born in Richmond, Virginia. Her wrestling career started in 1999 when she debuted in the independent circuit, where she wrestled under the name of Alexis Laree. In June 2002, She made her debut on TNA wrestling. In October 2005, she made her debut in the WWE,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • mickie james is the most greatest divas ever......

    She has had a great feud with trish, keeping the womans division alive, she beated trish at wrestlemania with alot of fans suppoting her. And although she is a phsyco, she battles great. People say that trish is the best womans champion.... but thats becuase the wwe wanted trish to win so much, but in the end if u see in the wrestling skills, mickie james is the best of them all. Mickie does have a streak of loss now with lita.... but that will shurly change soon becuase everyone is getting annoyed by mickie's lost and lita having the womans championship. And so mickie james will be the second times womans chapion!moreless
  • Is a good womens wrestler

    Mickie James is currently on RAW and she is a great women in the womens divsion she is a 2 time wwe womens champion and has had great feuds with former WWE Divas Tirsh Stratus and Lita and current WWE Divas Melina and Victoria she is also one of the very few Divas that can wrestle on the WWE roster witch makes her even better to watch on tv Mickie is the future of the womens divsion along with a few others and I can see her having a long wrestling career with the WWE I rate Micke James a 9.4moreless