Micky Dolenz





3/8/1945 , Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

George Michael Dolenz Jr.




Micky Dolenz is best known for playing "Micky" on the tv show The Monkees. He was born George Michael Dolenze to Janelle Johnson and George Dolenz. Showbiz was in his blood. His father was an actor. Micky started acting at the age of six by going to screen tests. He landed his first show at the age of ten. He played an orphaned boy on the tv show Circus Boy. In 1965, Micky went to the audition for The Monkees He beat out 400 other people trying land the four roles. In the first season of the show he had to wear a wig to cover up his wavy hair. The other members all had straight hair, so he needed to look like them. At the start of the second season, he no longer wore the wig. Micky was the drummer and lead singer in show. He didn't really know how to play the drums and began taking lessons as soon as the show started. After the show ended after two seasons, the band starred in a movie about them called Head. In 1977, Micky went to London to star in the play The Point. He was supposed to return to the United States after three months, but ended up stay for fifteen years. Once he returned to the US he directed shows for the Disney Channel and Harmony Pictures. In 1996, the band got back together for their 30 year reunion. The response was overwhelming and they began touring again. In 2005, Micky was a radio deejay on the oldies station in New York called WCBS-FM. He was let go after the station changed their format in late 2005. He now makes random appearances here and there and has released two childrens books.