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  • Micky!! <3<3

    Micky is the awesomest person know to man!!! However, I feel that the biography provided by this website is insufficient. I am writing a biography on the whole entire life of Micky Dolenz and when I am done I will post it here so all of you will know everything there is to know about him. I am his biggest fan ever. If any of you know how I could contact him please email me at moxielover98@aol.com
  • MIcky Dolenz is best known for being 1/4 of the sixties group the Monkees. What most people dont know is that Micky actually came from a showbizz background and first hit stardom at just 10-years-old when he starred in the tv series Circus Boy and played

    After Circus Boy Micky went back to High School to get all his grades, which i think was one of the best decisions of his life, but after his Dad died (George Dolenz from the Conte of Monte Cristo) Micky left school to stay at home and look after his mother, Janelle, and his 3 younger sisters, coco, Debbie and Gina. Micky then joined a rock group which they named Micky and the one nighters. The band didnt last long and one day when he was looking through the paper he came across an ad to be in a tv show about a an American Beatles rock band. Micky auditioned and got the part as the drummer. The monkees last two years and was the light iof Mickys life. By the time the show was cancelled Micky had already started a family. He was married to British model Samantha Juste who had just given birth to their daughter Ami Bluebell Dolenz. The couple split and Micky moved to England where he married Trina Dow and had three more children Charlotte, Emily and Georgia. Micky also split from her and is now married to Donna Quinter. He has just lately been fired from djing on wcbsfm and can i just say the radio station has lost alot of viewers since. I yhave alot off respect for Micky, he lost a parent at a young age, went through a drink and drugs problem and lost tjhe height of his fame at a tender age but has come out of it smiling. I for one wish all the best for him in the future. If there is anything wrong with this reveiw please email me at monkeemadness13@aol.com and let me know. Thank you x
  • Favorite Monkee

    Mickey was about the best of the Monkees,he had the charm and charisma than most of the other lacked.
    Usally the clown and cut up, he is also the nicest one,never let down a fan, he don't relly know the meaning of the word Hate.
    Had the best voice in singing and while he was the drummer, he could play the getiar just as well.