Mik Scriba

Mik Scriba

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Mik Soriba, Mik Srciba
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  • Favorite Mik Movie Is Titled "Time To Pay"

    Mik has been in mostly 1 minute roles which is a shame. He could really be a great actor with the right cast. The best acting role I seen him in was where he played an abusive father to a ex-convict in a movie titled "Time To Pay". My favorite scene was when Mik & his ex-convict son were beating the crap out of each other over some money the ex-convict stole from Mik's safe right after his wife forced him to give the ex-convict son a job at Mik's garage. I was very convinced Mik meant it when he screamed at his son "Give Me Back My Money". I highly recommend you see that movie to understand just how well this man can act. The first time I seen him was in the 80's in an episode of "Married with Children" where he played the bit role of Mr. Blum very well. I wish he would expand his horizons though. He seems to always wind up in dramatic roles and I think he would do well in the action, horror, thriller movie genres. His appearance in the tv show "Angel" as a corrupt parole officer was classic. I'd like to see him cast as one of the leads in more films.moreless