Mika Boorem

Mika Boorem


8/18/1987, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Birth Name

Mikaela Susan Boorem


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Mikaela began acting at age six, when her parents noticed how good she was at acting and made a move to LA. There Mika was signed with an agent and soon after appeared in numerous commercials. One of her first credits was in 1995 when she was filmed…more


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    • Mika: (on friends growing apart) I think that's harder than people moving away because you are constantly seeing them if you are not friends with them anymore.

    • Mika: If guys are mad at you, they'll just say it straight to your face. And girls will go talk about you behind your back.

    • Mika:I listen to a lot of different stuff. I like that Milkshake song. We've been dancing to it on set. It's so fun. And I like Hot Hot Heat. I saw them in concert about a month ago.

    • Mika: (On relating to her character, Augusta, in Augusta Gone) I think that there's definitely a difficult stage that all teens go through, but even more so with girls. They are uncomfortable with themselves and struggling to fit in - particularly when they're starting high school, which Augusta was doing. Everyone goes through that, including me.

    • Mika: (On the most challenging scene to film in Augusta, Gone) I'd say all the parts involving Augusta being sent off to the wilderness program - we filmed it in the snow all day. It was rough hiking around there, and we actually learned how to make fire with sticks. Not only was it hard because of the cold, but also because we were really trying to show the tough physical and emotional challenges kids face in this kind of program. We wanted to make it authentic to help viewers better understand the experience.

    • Mika: (On getting along with the Sleepover cast) It was a good thing that we did get along because we were in that tiny little green car. That was meant for two people and we had four girls crammed in there. So if we didn't get along, that would be pretty bad.

    • Mika: (About Sleepover) That would be so much fun. This movie was great. This is the first film I've done that has had other kids my age in it and it was just so much fun because there was always someone to hang out with and talk to and dance and sing and whatever I wanted to on set. It was great. And we were all in the same classroom together too which it was like normal school. We were there passing notes and talking about the teacher.

    • Mika: (On meeting the real Augusta) It was weird, because I didn't know what to expect at all when meeting her. I had read the script, and at the end it mentioned how much she had changed, but I was still wondering what she'd truly be like. It turns out that she is a really funny girl, and I liked her a lot. Her story inspired me so much because of what she went through and how she changed her life.

    • Mika: (On Sharon Lawrence and Tim Matheson) Sharon was really nice and professional all the time. I learned a lot from watching her act. And the greatest thing about working with Tim, since he's both an actor and a director, was that he was incredibly accessible and supportive. He was always right there if I needed help or had any questions.

    • Mika: (On school) I'm in 10th grade right now, so I'm right in the middle of high school. I'm currently doing homeschooling. But before that I'd always gone to regular school and I think I'm going to go back to regular school soon, too. Maybe next year.

    • Mika: (On the filming of Sleepover) This movie was so much fun. It was the first film I've done that's had other girls my age in it. We were always on set dancing and giggling and singing. There was always someone to talk to. It was a lot of fun.