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  • A True Diva Of A Talent Who Deserves Wider Recognition

    She\'s the only 16 I have ever heard who could sing all the notes correctly to Lullaby Of Birdland. I think when she left the show she was burnt out. She was trying to figure out what the judges wanted. And even THEY didn\'t know. They should have appreciated her for who she was, a baby diva in the making. That\'s probably what Christina was at Mikalah\'s age, but she didn\'t have to go through the Idol drudgery.
  • I don't think Mikalah's career is over yet. She will probably have a show in the near future or something.

    Mikalah Gordon was my favorite idol while I was watching American Idol season 4. She had a very unique voice and personality that really set her apart from all of the rest of the contestants. She was indeed very loud and overenthusiatic about being on American Idol, but hey, it's better to express your feelings in a positive way than in a negative one. I liked how she was loud anyway. Everything that came out of her mouth was funny. Although, at some times it seemed as though she was just trying to do a really bad impression of Barbra Streisand. She will probably become some famous actress someday.
  • Has a big future of ahead

    Mikalah Gordon while being young was one fo the best singers American Idol has ever featured. While I do not believe she had what it took to win Season 4 she should have gone much further then she did. From what I have seeb watching American Idol all these years is America tends o get it wrong quite often. Mikalah Gordon should have a bright future ahead of herself if not with music carrer then in acting as she is quite talented. Her recent appearance on ' Livin with Fran ' is proof of that. Maybe there will a time when American Idol will due a All-star show and bring back people like Mikalah Gordon and give them a second chance..
  • I really like Mikalah

    She was a good singer. She has a great personality. She is so funny. She is a loud person but in a good way. They should her a show. She is very talented. She is also so pretty. She derserves her own show.I really liked Mikalah. She's very very good
  • I thought she was hilarious..

    ..I wish she could've stayed longer in the show..her voice reminded me of fran drescher (sp?)...she was a smidge annoying but i found her pretty funny =)
    she always had a retort and seemed really comfortable with herself, i could hardly believe she was only 16..err 17 now.. . .
  • She's a true oiginal!

    Mikalah Gordon is so cool. Some people might think her Fran Drecher voice is annoying but I don't at all. I think Mikalah is so cool and a great singer! I think she got voted off bcause half of America didn't like her spunky and wild personality. But she is so cool how she is always happy and excited. I guess that's because she's a cheerleader hehe. Anywho, she should've made it to the top 3 with Carrie and Vonzell. That would've been tight! But unfortunatley she got voted off very early! But that;s okay 'cause she's still the girl with the wild personality in America's hearts. :)
  • yes... original...in a bad way

    ugg... i can't stand her, with her annoying fran dresher voice and her extreme enthusiasm... geez... at first i just thought she was excited, but then she went overboard and it never stopped! thank god she got voted off early or i would have stopped watching. she sucks so bad.