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    • Mikalah Gordon: I worked at an oxygen bar.. it just gives you a lot of energy.. you can tell, I did it all the time!

    • Mikalah Gordon: Girls, just know with or without makeup you are fabulous! just be tasteful with what you choose to present yourself in. everyone always has an opinion. trust me somedays i walk out of my room and my mother hates my outfit! but as long as you are comfortable and confident that is ALL that matters. Just be yourself! and know when your beautiful on the inside, its easy for the beauty to shine. and remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder! BE FABULOUS!

    • Mikalah Gordon: I wake up, and have a cup of coffee. I LOVE IT! than i brush my teeth and wash my face. I also use alot of moisturizer. depending on where I am going I hop in the bath. I dont wash my hair for usually two to even three days. the dirtier it is the easier it is to style. the natural oils are very good for your hair! I always wear makeup. Not alot but mascara is a must! a little gloss and I am ready to go!

    • Mikalah Gordon: (when asked where she buys her makeup) Girls walmart is still all THAT! Its not where you buy it it is how you use it! hello! FABULOUS!

    • Mikalah Gordon: I am a wife beater and jeans girl!!!! with some fabulous cowboy boots!