Mike Alfonso

Mike Alfonso


1/24/1965, Tampa, Florida, USA



Birth Name

Michael Alfonso



Also Known As

Mike Awesome, The Awesome One, The Career Killer, Fat Chick Thriller, The Gladiator, The Mullet Guy, The Pro, That 70’s Guy, That 80’s Guy
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    • His in-ring names have included The Awesome One, The Career Killer, Fat Chick Thriller, The Gladiator, Mike Awesome, The Mullet Guy, The Pro, That 70's Guy and That 80's Guy.

      Mike was trained for the squared circle by Steve Keirn who was one of the members of the team "The Fabulous Ones" with 'Sweet' Stan Lane at Steve Keirn's Pro Wrestling School of Hard Knocks in Gold's Gym in Brandon, Florida.

      After he completed his training in 1989 he began wrestling in the PWF (Pro Wrestling Federation) in Florida owned by Keirn and he would sometimes tag-team with Brett Sawyer (Brett Woyan) the brother of Buzz Sawyer (Bruce Woyan).

      He was one of the very first wrestlers to "invade" the WWF as part of the WCW Invasion storyline and on 25 June 2001 he snuck into the building where they were holding "WWF Monday Night Raw" & defeated Rhyno for the WWF Hardcore Title!

      On 14 December Mike had reconstructive surgery and returned to WWE on 1 August 2002 on "Smackdown" and was pinned by Farooq (Ron Simmons) and on 27 September he is released from his contract.

      In April 2003 he begins another Japan & U.S. trek back & forth appearing in ECW, MLW, TNA and NOAH & Z1 Hustle in Japan. In early 2006 Mike officially retired from wrestling to be with his family & sell real estate.

      He had previously feuded with Diamond Dallas Page (D.D.P.), Lance Storm, Masato Tanaka, Perry Saturn, Scott Steiner, Steve Corino and Taz.

      His moves include Awesome Bomb (One shoulder powerbomb), Awesome Splash (Frog splash), Kamikaze Awesome Bomb (Top rope powerbomb) Running Awesome Bomb (Running one shoulder powerbomb) Sitout Awesome Bomb (Sitout powerbomb) & TKO.

      He has had the following managers of James Mitchell, Judge Jeff Jones, Nate the Rat and Ronald Gossett.

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