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    Bassist of Green Day, Mike Dirnt is particularly awesome, from one of the awesomest bands ever.
  • Compleatly underratted

    Mike is one of the best bassists ever. Hes really underratted, because hes just as awesome as Billie and Tre, but everyone forgetts him. He use to be the funny one, like in interviews i watched from 1992. He has a great voice, and he should sing the songs he wrote. I love "Ha Ha Youre Dead" and "J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)" They're both great songs and Mike should sing them! The only song Mike sings is part 3 of "Homecomming", "Nobody Likes You". I love his bass riff in "Longview", its relly awesome. Mike rocks, and should be remembered more, he's awesome too!

    Mike Dirnt is so hot and I love his hair! Only HE can make white blonde, spiky hair work for a man. He wrote the song "Ha Ha You're Dead", which is one of my favorites, and he also wrote Part Three of "Homecoming", which is "Nobody Likes You." He is really the ultimate in cool, and is great on bass and also has a good voice. He's a really great influence on my life because he (along with Billie) is making me get further into music by making me want to play the bass guitar in a band soon!
  • Great bassist!

    Mike Dirnt is really talented! He is awesome at playing the bass. He seems like a pretty cool guy. I don't like the songs he writes for Green Day so much. Well, except "Nobody Likes You". He's my second favorite band member from Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong is first, and Tre is third.