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    • Mike: Maturity is a really weird word because when you're young and you hear you've matured, it's kind of cool. Then you hit 15 through 21, and you're like, "No, I haven't." It's not cool, and then you get older. I guess everyone just grows, and it's all a matter of perspective. I think I choose my battles as to when to act stupid and when to act responsible now.

    • Mike: No people come up to me and they say, 'Dude! Aren't you Tre Cool?' And I go 'No.' I love that man! I love that!

    • Mike: We got these fliers that said, TELL GREEN DAY TO **** OFF FOR BRINGING MTV INTO OUR SCENE. I've never seen one TV in the punk clubs we've played. I think your mother and father need to take your cable away, is what they need to do.

    • Mike: All my religious beliefs are based on Star Wars.

    • Mike: Then all of a sudden we got introduced to punk music and it was the coolest **** thing.

    • Mike: How else you gonna scratch on that homie?

    • Mike: Great minds think alike.

    • Mike: It was real difficult to make it through with our sanity. Major label people kiss your ass before they sign you and then they don't give a **** afterward. On Reprise it's not like that. They're for real. Everything they do, they check through us first and that makes us feel real good.

    • Mike: Cops never read fashion magazines, if they did they'd shave off all those damn moustaches!

    • Mike: We've played everything from bathrooms, ya know, people's bathrooms at parties, to a party with two or three kegs and 15 people and the next morning there was chainsaws and chickens in the house and just all sorts of stuff going on.

    • Mike: There's punks who know where we came from, and then there's the people whose rich parents pay for them to be degenerates.

    • Mike: If you're wondering why I'm not wearing shoes.....it's cuz one fell out of the van yesterday......I'm not a fucking hippy!

    • Mike: I just think it can't suck...whatever you do. You just have to make sure...it doesn't suck.

    • Mike: Yeah, if you want to call it a band. Musicians make music, technicians make techno.

    • Mike: Dookie was an action. Insomniac was a reaction to what had happened. And Nimrod is a creation.

    • Mike: We personally believe that dogs are going to take over the world. And when they do, they're gonna hit everyone with shit.

    • Mike: I told Billie, Let's just take it as far as we can. Eventually we'll lose all the money and everything else, anyway. Let's just make sure we have one great big story at the end. I think we will. In a lot of ways, we already do.

    • Mike: For the longest time, we had trouble charging anything over 5 dollars at our shows. This is just kinda where we came from. This is what we think we're worth.

    • Mike: I'll remember 1994 as the year that ate ****!

    • Mike: Music changed our lives, and if people want to listen, too, that's great. I just hope it has meaning in theirs.