Mike Douglas





8/11/1925 , Chicago, Illinois



Birth Name

Michael Delaney Dowd




Beloved and much admired talk-show host Mike Douglas began his love of music singing as a choirboy. He took a job aboard a cruise ship sailing between Cleveland and Buffalo, singing popular standards for free room and board and $35. a week. After he served a brief stint in the United States Navy, Mike moved to Los Angeles and became the singer for the Kay Kyser Band. It was Kay Kyser who suggested Mike change his name. He had two hit songs with the band "Old Buttermilk Sky" in 1946 and "The Old Lamplighter" in 1947. He remained with Kay Kyser's band until Kay retired from show business in 1951. When Walt Disney heard Mike's voice he hired Mike for the lead role of Prince Charming in Disney's animated "Cinderella". Television was well on it's way to becoming a national passtime when Mike Douglas became one of the leads of DuMont networks new program "The Music Show" in 1953. The program lasted until October 17, 1954. He became a regular on various Chicago based variety shows include "Hi Ladies", "The Hollywood Palace" and "Club 60".

Westinghouse Broadcasting Company lured Mike to Cincinnati to host his own variety talk show, The Mike Douglas Show and in 1963 won an EMMY for Outstanding Daytime Performance. His show became so popular that people from all walks of life ventured on and spoke to the kind gentleman known as Mike Douglas.

Mike did venture into motion pictures and appeared in the 1976 film "Gator" as the Governor and "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" with Lily Tomlin. His popularity remained intact for the four decades that he entertained his fans.