Mike Durham

Mike Durham


7/10/1966, Sulphur, Louisiana, USA



Birth Name

Michael Durham



Also Known As

Johnny Grunge, Johnny Grunge, Johnny Rotten
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He went solo on the independent circuit appearing in 3PW in June 2004 & at the ECW Hardcore Homecoming pay-per view on 10 June 2005. On 16 February 2006 he was pronounced DOA at the Atlanta, Georgia Hospital due to complications from sleep apnea.

    • After Ted passed away on 21 September 2002 of a Heart Attack Mike began tag teaming with his so-called brother Joey Grunge also sometimes-called Jerry grunge as "The New Public Enemy" until August 2003.

    • On 18 July 1999 they reappeared in WCW at the "Bash at the Beach" pay-per view & then went on the independent circuit where they appeared in the XWF as "The South Philly Posse" managed by Jasmine St. Claire (Rhea Alexandria Devlugt).

    • On 22 September Public Enemy beat Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team Titles. After losing the titles back to Harlem Heat 9 days later they went back to ECW for about month and then back to the WWF.

    • They went to the WCW and debuted there on 15 January 1996 beating the "American Males" who were Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell (Marcus Alexander Bagwell) & Scotty Riggs (Scott Antol).

    • In 1994 they joined ECW that was called Eastern Championship Wrestling & later became Extreme championship Wrestling. While they were in ECW they won the ECW World Tag Team titles 4 different times together.

    • On 11 January 1993 they faced each other on the very first ever taping of "WWF Monday Night Raw" (now known as the WWE) where Mike used the name "Johnny Rotten" and Ted used the name "Cheetah".

    • They first met and formed their tag-team while Ted was wrestling as The Cheetah Kid & they debuted as "Public Enemy" Johnny Grunge & 'Flyboy' Rocko Rock in the UWF late in 1992.

    • He made his debut in wrestling in 1987 wrestling solo on the independent circuit. Mike is however best known for being ½ of the tag-team "Public Enemy" with 'Flyboy' Rocco Rock (Theodore James Petty).

  • Quotes

  • Michael \"Johnny Grunge\" Durham

    In writing this review, I want readers to not only read and understand Johnny as a Pro-Wrestler but has a person whom was loved very much. You see, Michael (as he is known to me), is my first cousin, so when he came home to Sulphur, Louisiana, he was not the big time professional wrestler that most people think of, but just one of the family members. You see, Michael was only seven years older than me and then the next cousin is like 10 years younger than me, so for a long time it was just him and I. Although as being kids we were just like any other fighting all of the time, as we grew up we became very good friends, not just cousins, in fact with us both being only children we were like brother and sister to each other. Over the last few years since Teddy died, Michael just was not the same. His wrestling went down quite a bit and he gained a \"few\" extra pounds. You could always tell he really missed Teddy.

    When Michael left here on Wednesday to go back to his home in Georgia, he was going to Japan to wrestle for ten days and then he was moving back home to Sulphur to be with his famil again. Before he left he told me to just hold on for a couple of more weeks, and then it would be like old times and Mike, my cousin only, would be home for good.

    Of course, finding out on Thursday morning that he had passed away, just made me realize that you never know when it will be your turn to go.

    So, my main point is to let Michael know that I love him very much and he will be missed desperately here at home! I also want all of the readers to know something special...Never Take Your Life For Granted, because you never know when it will be your last and then you would not have had the chance to tell your loved ones those three simple little words...\"I Love You\"

    Rest in peace mike and now you can start kicking teddy\'s butt and all of the fallen wrestler\'s before you.

    Always remember I love you,

    Margo \"Toot\" Broussardmoreless