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  • mike farrell played captain BJ Hunicut in M*A*S*H as well as playing in other shows and movies, not to mention he also did voiceography for a number of shows including Superman:animated series

    i really liked mike as BJ Hunicut in M*A*S*H even though he was only there from season 4 up to 11. He was a great friend to Hawkeye and i definately liked him a lot better than trapper. BJ and Hawkeye were a perfect stand up comedy act, they were more a less a perfect tag team of pranksters. i heard that the guy playing trapper left because he didnt want to be a second banana to Hawkeye but not mike, mike almost made it seem like that role was an honour, actually more like they were both equal, even though we knew Hawk's the main guy. Mike is such a good sport and a really good actor. i think that his acting reflects his personality and he is a charmer, a family man, and a good friend.