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    • Here is a list of all of the awards Farrell has won: The First Annual Mike Farrell Human Rights Award DPG on April 19, 2006; Tavel-Resnick Award October 14, 2005; Donald Wright Award in 2004; Honorary Doctorate of Public Service at Notre Dame de Namur in 2004; Artivist Award for Human Rights Advocacy in 2004; ACLU of Southern CA 2003 Garden Party Award in 2003; 2002 Gabriel Award for Personal Achievement in 2002; 2002 Gleitsman Foundation Citizen Activist Award; Louis M. Brown Conflict Preventing Award; Board of Director's Award; Role Model Award; Inaugural AKA Role Model Award; Humanitarian Award; Valentine Davies Award; Namaste Award; Doctor of Humane Letters; Michael Doheny Humanitarian Award; Norma Zarky Humanitarian Award; Golden Bell Award; Partner's Award; Earl Warren Civil Liberties Awards; Abolitionist Award; Upton Sinclair Award; The Christopher Award.