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Mike Figgis, an English composer, writer and film director was born on February 28, 1948, in Carlistle, Cumberland. He is a cousin to Jason Figgis and Jonathan Figgis, both Irish film makers. Figgis started his career as a keyboard musician with Brian Ferry's Band before directing a successful theater play at the Festival de Grenanda and Theate der Welt in 1983. He then went back to music until he debuted into film with the Stormy Monday in 1988. This earned him serious attention as an actor. In the 1990s, Figgis directed the thriller Internal Affairs, starring Richard Gere. Another of his films, Leaving Las Vegas created stars of Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue and earned Figgis Academy Award nominations for Best Directing and Best Screenplay. He is also involved in digital video productions in which he has directed Timecode, Ten Minutes Older and Cold Creek Manor. The multi-talented Figgis also works in the production of advertising commercials as well as film training.