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Mike Hansen

Mike Hansen



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  • An amazing actor

    Michael Hanson is an extremely talented young man. He was so incredibly wonderful on Zoom and I looked foward to watching it every day. I still watch repeats so I can admire the face of this charismatic gentleman. Michael Hanson lives with his mother and step-father in Boston, Massachusetts. He has a cat named Mittens and his nickname is "Mike-a-Doodles". He enjoys making wire sculptures and his favorite school subject is art. Doesn't that sound interesting and unique? When asked why his best friend is his best friend, he replied "...they are people I trust, like to have fun with, and feel I could tell anything to." That is the answer of a true champion. As you can see, Michael Hanson is a fine young actor on his way to major success.moreless
  • Great!

    Mike is really really really really great on soom.( is said alot of really's because i need to use 100 words.) But there really is not much to say about him because he was only on zoom for about two seasons. I think so anyway i am just gonna go on on on on on on on on on because i have to use up all this space on here. So that all i have to say about mike. though i that he looked very cute. but hey we really dont much about him except that he has a cat.moreless