Mike Henry (VI)





Richmond, VA

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Mike is a writer, producer, and voice actor on the hit FOX animated television series Family Guy. While his brother, Patrick, was attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Mike would frequently act in Patrick's student films. This led him to meet another attendee of R.I.S.D, Seth MacFarlane, the creator and executive producer of Family Guy. After graduating from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia in 1988, Mike moved to Hollywood to seek out his dream of stardom. After a brief stand-up career in LA, he soon found himself moving once again, this time to New York City to write comedy sketches for famed producer Lorne Michaels. A short time later Seth MacFarlane gave him a call to come work on Family Guy as a writer and voice actor, to which Mike gladly accepted. After Family Guy's second cancellation in 2002, Mike and his brother Patrick created a spoof hidden camera show called Kicked in the Nuts, where they paid actors to pretend to be "kicked in the nuts", many of the actors were either current or former staff members on Family Guy. When Family Guy was picked back up by FOX due to strong syndication ratings, and phenomenal sales numbers for the DVD sets, Mike was asked to return to the show.