Mike Holmes





8/3/1963 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name




Mike Holmes lives by a very simple motto: "Make It Right". He believes in that slogan so strongly that he has it tattooed on his right arm. As a young boy watching his father working at his plumbing business, he was fascinated with what his father could do. From that time onward, he was hooked. Mike spent his entire life learning all he could about all aspects of home construction and repair, from plumbing, electrical and carpentry to HVAC and landscaping. He applies that knowledge and the work ethic of his father to rescue beleaguered homeowners from the practices of less ethical and some downright unscrupulous contractors.

With his show, Holmes On Homes, Mike and his crew point out to homeowners exactly what the previous contractor(s) did wrong, how they cut corners and, in some cases, outright lied and stole the client's money. He and his crew then proceed to tear down the improper work that the homeowner were saddled with and proceeds to "Make It Right".